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10 Boredom Buster Websites Women Love

There is no doubt that the World Wide Web is one of the coolest things ever to rock this planet. Aside from being a research hub, thanks to Google, of course, the Internet has evolved as a marketplace and a social venue where people from different sides of the world can connect. You can go online to listen to music, watch videos and a whole lot more nowadays.

Apparently, the Internet can be overwhelming to the point that you don’t know where and what to look at.

In fact, you could literally spend the entire 24 hours of your day, just hopping from one site to another. And you’re not even halfway through what the online world has in store for you.

During your site hopping, you might find one or two websites that are worth a space on your bookmarks toolbar. But, if you really want to save some of your precious time and all you really need is an interesting website that will keep you coming back for more, then check out this list. One of the websites might just be what you are looking for.

1. Cracked.

If you are looking for a site that provides various information, both humorous and sometimes insulting, but in as funny a way as possible, then check out

The “America’s Only Humor Site Since 1958” can give you everything from history and science, to tech and music. The site even shares information about the “weird world,” written in simple English language, in the most humorous way you can imagine.

If reading articles is not your thing, Cracked has a section of hilariously creative videos that will surely make you laugh.

But don’t take this site for granted. Despite the humor, antics and their knack of making fun of people in a less insulting manner, Cracked articles and videos are worth reading and sharing – and you will never get tired of them.

2. BuzzFeed.

Check out your Facebook now. Have you noticed anything? To make things easier, most of the shared articles and lists of who, what and when are from BuzzFeed.

Fortunately, for the people behind this site, has taken the online world by storm. Most people go to this website to check what’s new, what’s hot and what’s trending. At the same time, it features some blast in the past lists, made of GIFs that will make you feel nostalgic and old – all at the same time.

And that’s not all. You can even find quizzes, Internet memes and even breaking news written in long form journalism. Thanks to the site’s unique algorithm, BuzzFeed is a good source to find out what’s new and popular on the web today.

3. A Beautiful Mess.

There is nothing beautiful about mess until you see this site. A beautiful website managed by two equally wonderful sisters, A Beautiful Mess is a women’s lifestyle site focused on creating everyday happiness through homemade lifestyle.

HomemadeSo, if you are looking for a website that shares recipes, home décor projects, homemade gift ideas and crafts, then this website is exactly what you are looking for.

Aside from anything DIY, this website offers tips about business, photography, blogging – anything that concerns your personal life and happiness. It even has e-courses and apps you can download to help make your mess even more beautiful.

4. OMG Facts.

You always have this one person in your group who knows pretty much everything about the world. She may be a walking encyclopedia, a geek or simply a know-it-all, but whatever.

This person has information on almost anything, which can be annoying, especially when she’s trying to be nosy or you already know what she’s talking about.

Nerdy-geekyIf you want to be the nerdy-geeky type, but still the pretty girl in the group, then you have to check This site gives you the most interesting, fascinating and weird facts practically about almost anything. Yes, it may be written in a humorous manner to make it more appealing, but don’t take this site for granted.

Believe it or not, all facts shared on the site are thoroughly researched to make sure that everything shared is backed up with proof. Whether you are looking for something related to politics, history, science and even sex, OMG Facts has something in store for you.

5. Fit Bottomed Girls.

Obesity is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Sadly, this problem has affected men and women of all ages. Because of this heavy trend, a lot of experts, both legit and those who simply want a say on almost everything, offer tips and techniques to lose weight the right way.

FitnessIf you want a website that fresh fitness content presented in the most realistic manner, then check Launched in May 2008, Fit Bottomed Girls offer tips and tricks in increasing your health through “physical activity and sensible eating.”

What sets Fit Bottomed Girls apart from the rest of the fitness blogs? Their honesty, of course. From interesting tidbits to healthy foods, and from fitness news to workout music playlists, the site has it all. They even offer helpful suggestions and even fitness humor, so this website has definitely got your fitness needs covered.

Oh, and because of the website’s success, FBG expanded their horizon by adding Fit Bottomed Mamas for pregnant women and new moms, and Fit Bottomed Eats for recipes and other nutritional information to keep your weight at bay.

6. The Everygirl.

Are you looking for the ultimate dream job? Are you thinking of how to spend a month in Europe using your hard-earned money?

CulinaryDo you want to whip up your culinary skills and find the best yet easiest recipes you can do at home? What about learning a new language? Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, then this website is for you.

The Everygirl is dedicated to women who are looking for inspiration. From travel to restaurants, and from improving your physical and mental health, you can find the information you need there. They also cover food and drink, home décor; everything you need in just one click.

7. The Muse.

Every girl has this dream job. Apparently, if you don’t know where to look at, which can potentially lead you somewhere you don’t love, then that can be a problem. In this case, The Muse can be a good start.

According to its website, The Muse is your ultimate career destination. It offers exciting job opportunities and goes behind-the-scenes of various companies you may want to apply to.

Job interviewThey even have expert advice on how to ace that job interview, plus a whole lot more to guide you on your career path. The Muse believes that you can and should love your job. Their role is to make that happen.

In other words, this website is the ultimate online source for career advice and you get it all for free. All you need is a laptop and a good Internet connection, and you’re good to go.

8. Impatient Foodie.

Everybody loves food, unless they’ve developed a paranoia against fats and GMO. Nonetheless, there is always something about eating gourmet food will make every girl’s knees weak. So if you are looking for the ultimate destination that focuses on nothing but food, then check out Impatient Foodie.

Farmer’s marketIn this site, founder Elettra Wiedemann shares her love affair with food and provide recipes using ingredients that are easily accessible at any farmer’s market.

Whether you are preparing for a dinner for six with friends, trying to learn a new recipe, or it’s just a matter of “cooking makes me happy,” the Impatient Foodie can be your best bet.

What are you waiting for? Bookmark this site, browse through the different recipes and try hard not to salivate.

9. She’s in the Glow.

Beauty productsNo matter how much you try to be boyish or pretend that you don’t care with the latest lipstick shade from MAC Cosmetics, beauty products will always be a part of the must-have list.

In fact, it’s hard to separate women and cosmetics, since both belong in the same pool.

So, if you want to know what’s what in the cosmetic world and get access to the essential beauty products, then you better reserve a spot on your bookmark list for She’s in the Glow.

The website is all about prettifying women through their eyes, face, lips, nails, face, hair – you name it. Aside from makeup, She’s in the Glow also provides tips and tricks about anything makeup.

They provide lots of essential beauty information, and even explain how to get rid of this and that on your face and skin. They also feature iconic women and look into their beauty and skin regimen to give ideas to their readers on how to achieve a fresh and Hollywood-looking skin.

10. GabiFresh.

Plump womenIn the world of fashion, tall and skinny women often land the job, and the not-so-tall and plump women don’t even get the limelight. Well, not for GabiFresh.

GabiFresh is the perfect online source for women who are often told to “dress according to your body type.” In other words, this platform is for women sizes 14 and up who can take risks and have fun with their clothes, regardless of their size.

And yes, the creative mind behind GabiFresh shares fashion advice, which is pretty much a rejection of the fashion rules laid down exclusively for women who belong in the size zero category.

So, let’s start filling up that bookmark toolbar, shall we?


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