Health and Wellness 10 Freaky Foods That Fix Your Moods
10 Freaky Foods That Fix Your Moods

Do you tend to spend hours overthinking the most minor incidents? Do you often feel grouchy, grumpy and sluggish? Are you trying hard to remain relaxed and happy? If you are constantly dealing with terrible mood swings, you might have an anxiety disorder.

Depressive feelings can play havoc with your everyday life. They can also drag you down and pull you into drug and alcohol abuse. Depression is one of the major contributors towards diminished productivity, wasting of precious time and a reduced quality of life.

It is normal to worry every now and then, but things may get severe when you become sad, anxious or even panicky for trivial reasons. Thus, it is important to treat fretfulness before it causes major trouble to your life and health.

Go On A Happiness Diet

Healthy dietYou can adopt several changes to cope with mood swings. One thing that will help you let go of stress and keep you healthy as well, is to have a balanced and healthy diet.

However, when the blues kick in, people tend to eat poorly. And, when we’re feeling down and need to eat, we reach for fatty, sugary or salty comfort foods. These quick and easy junk foods provide zero nutritional value.

Keep in mind that stressed minds need happy foods. Thus, it is vital that we eat nutritious foods with the right kinds of minerals and vitamins to de-stress our minds.

Can Food Treat Depression?

Yes, they can. There are certain foods that help to develop serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a chemical produced by the body that works as a neurotransmitter. And, if you are not aware, we can tell you that low levels of serotonin may influence your mood in ways that lead to depression.

Even though prescription medicines also supplies serotonin, the human body does not utilize this in the same way as natural foods. Foods don’t cause any unwanted side effects either. Fortunately, you can find many foods that can help you with your depressive feelings. Undoubtedly, these nutrition-filled picks will help you think more clearly and concentrate more on your work.

If you want to recover your healthy mind, you should consider snacking on mood-boosting foods to keep your energy up and stress levels down. Here is out list of happiness foods. Invigorating your mood has never been yummier with these 10 feel-good foods:

1. Mussels: The Perfect Brain Food

MusselsMussels are full of the naturally occurring vitamin B12, which is one of the most effective brain protecting vitamins on the Earth.

This vitamin is so essential for the brain that even its mildest deficiency can cause symptoms such as memory lapses, weak concentration, vague thinking and mood swings.

Mussels are also packed with vitamin B2, selenium, zinc, iodine, DHA, iron and manganese. These minerals and vitamins help to protect your brain’s health and produce feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin.

Selenium, in particular, is one of those effective nutrients that have been linked to mood improvements. Selenium is also required for healthy functioning of the thyroid, which controls the body’s metabolism. Manganese is another important mineral since it works to eradicate harmful free radicals and helps preserve delicate fats.

What else do mussels do? Well, they help to preserve the myelin sheath that insulates our brain cells. This in turn keeps our brains sharp, even as we grow older. Mussels are beneficial for the environment, as well. They are bivalves and filter micro-algae out of the marine environment by eating them.

Yes, mussels really do have many nutritious benefits for your brain. Another great thing is that they are sold alive, so they are always consumed fresh.

What else? They are super easy to prepare. Just rinse and scrub them and throw them in a pan with a few cups of water. Add garlic, herbs, and a little wine. Cover and steam for a few minutes. When ready, pour some melted butter over the top. You can now relish the goodness of this yummy dish and do your brain a favor at the same time.

2. Blue Potatoes: To Ward Off Your Blues

You must have seen blue potatoes in the supermarket, but have never found a good reason to purchase any. The color in blue potatoes is due to the potent antioxidants such as anthocynanin found within them.

This antioxidant helps to provide neuro-protective advantages to brain, minimize the brain’s inflammation and bolster memory.

In order to enjoy the full benefit of blue potatoes, eat their skins as well. This is because the skin of blue potatoes is stuffed with iodine, which is known as the “master of mood regulators.” Iodine deficiency is one of the most common causes of brain damage in the world.

Blue potatoes also contain nutrients, called kukoamines, which can work to lower blood pressure and protect the brain. You can add roasted blue potatoes to a salad coupled with olive oil, chives and red onions.

3. Swiss Chard: The Amazing Brain Booster

Swiss ChardThis is a nourishing leafy green vegetable filled with magnesium, which is needed for the biochemical reactions in the brain that enhance your energy levels. Research indicates deficiency in magnesium causes depression.

The numerous other health benefits of Swiss chard are due to its impressive list of nutrients such as vitamins C, A, K, E, B6 and riboflavin. It also contains iron, copper, sodium and potassium. In addition, it is full of dietary fiber and contains large amounts of polyphenolic antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients that are highly beneficial to your health.

Vitamin K and potassium are needed by the brain to boost cognitive development and abilities. Vitamin K also works to protect the nervous system and brain by creating a protective layer, known as a myelin sheath, around the nerves. It also helps to limit the neuronal damage in the brain.

You can eat Swiss chard raw in salads, sautéed or cooked. If you dislike the bitterness of raw leaves, consider cooking them. Cooked leaves are tastier to eat and have a soft and delicious flavor.

Add some Swiss chard to your salads and enhance your mental skills. If you are unable to find any in the supermarket on a regular basis, grow some in your garden. They are super easy to grow. Just remember to harvest only a few outer leaves at a time. That way, the plant will continue to provide leaves for the entire season.

4. Brazil Nuts: Save You From Going Nuts

Brazil NutsBrazil nutsare yet another superfood to add power to your brain. Apart from binging on almonds, peanuts and walnuts, you can add Brazil nuts to your diet, as well.

Brazil nuts are rich in brain boosting minerals like selenium and thus help to lift your mood by reducing feelings of depression, irritability and anxiety. They are a remarkable source of healthy monounsaturated fats. These nuts are also rich in magnesium, a mineral that’s essential to the transmission of signals between the brain and the rest of the body.

In recent years, people have been taking less selenium. Consuming a fistful of Brazil nuts per day helps to provide you with your recommended daily amount (RDA). You can eat a few Brazil nuts as a snack with a banana also. You can chop them and toss them into your favorite salad. Some people love eating roasted nuts.

5. Goji Berries:Improve Your Concentration

Goji berriesFound in Asia and America, Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a fruit that provide a complete source of amino acids, proteins, trace minerals and vitamins E, C, B1, B2, and B6. Being rich in antioxidants, they help to prevent aging and destruct harmful free radicals.

Goji berries help to protect brain cells from chemical toxins. Studies further indicate that these red berries stimulate your learning ability and boost memory. Additionally, scientists have found that goji berries protect the formation of damaging agents that are usually found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

You can eat them in a variety of ways. Add them to your salads and smoothies. You can also mix them in your dessert to make a lip-smacking treat. Add these sweet and sour berries in your diet and avoid forgetfulness and those senior moments.

6. Anchovies: For Smarter Minds

Your brain requires omega-3 fatty acids to thrive. These polyunsaturated fats work to prevent your brain from early aging and memory loss. They also keep you away from mood swings and anxiety.

Even though there are numerous sources of omegas, anchovies have 10 times more omega-3 levels than tuna. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fatty fishes are a primary building block of brain tissue, so they help to enhance your thinking abilities. Expecting mothers who eat more omega-3s have kids with higher IQs.

Anchovies are lower in damaging seafood contaminants, such as mercury. What’s more, this amazing tiny fish is packed with calcium and vitamin D, which are both needed for bone-building. Vitamin D also works to regulate your immune system and control your mood swings.

Anchovies also contain niacin, which can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and delay the rate of cognitive decline. In addition, this brainy fish is composed of selenium, iron, calcium and phosphorus, which are all required for proper cell functionality.

Try spaghetti with anchovies; we are sure you’ll love it. Also, remember to buy anchovies in glass jars. Those sold in cans usually contain the harmful can-lining chemical known as bisphenol A, or BPA.

7. Arugula: Enriches Your Brainpower

You probably understand by now why your mom has always urged you to eat dark, green leafy vegetables. They are some of the most nutritious foods we can possibly eat.

Leafy vegetables are a rich source of folate, which protects us against depression and anxiety. However, arugula has more to offer. It is an excellent dietary choice for a healthier body that keeps your mind clear and concentrated.

Arugula is a great source of calcium and contains other elements, such as fiber and folate. Diets full of fiber help to lower your depression levels and reduce the risk of suicide.

Arugula also triggers the release of neurotransmitters every time a neuron fires. The deep green color indicates the presence of magnesium, which is yet another important mineral for enhancing intellect.

You can quickly prepare a green salad to enjoy the benefits of this leafy vegetable. Just toss some lettuce, parsley, arugula and radicchio in a bowl. Add pepper, salt, olive oil and some drops of lime juice for enhanced flavor.

If you are a pasta lover, givethe following recipe a try. Mix some lime juice and arugula together. Sprinkle over some salt and pepper. Add this mix to your cooked pasta along with cheese and olive oil.

8. Organic Cacao: The Delicious High-Energy Brain Food

Organic CacaoChocolate is one of the best foods to help energize your mood and make you happy. But don’t get mistaken by the packaged chocolate bars you get at your local store. We are talking about the pure, raw and organic cacao.

If you are wondering what’s so bad about chocolate bars, we can tell you that they are full of milk powder and sugar that can be rather harmful to your health when taken excessively. Cacao is either available as beans or in a powdered form. People prefer using the powdered form to avoid the bitterness of the beans.

Cacao is a rich source of manganese, copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamin C, phosphorous and more. It is also composed of tryptophan, which is a potent mood-enhancer and works to produce serotonin. We have already discussed the beneficial effects of serotonin for the brain.

You can relish the nutritious benefits of cacao by using it in your smoothies or desserts. Start adding organic and raw cacao in your diet and see its wonderful effects.

9. Cherry Tomatoes: Incredible Brain Nutrition

Cherry TomatoesTomatoes are a great source of lycopene. This is a fat soluble phytonutrient that works to protect against brain fat and helps to prevent the deposition of pro-inflammatory compounds associated with depression.

Lycopene is abundant in tomato skins. Even though all sorts of tomatoes offer lycopene, the best way to get your dose is through cherry tomatoes. The small size of cherry tomatoes allows you to eat more and provides you with more skin than if you were to eat a full-size tomato.

To delight in the delicacy of organic cherry tomatoes, use them in salads and drizzle some olive oil over the top to make them yummier.

10. Marmite: The Amazing Mood Lifter

Marmite is yet another effective food that plays a vital role in stimulating mental well-being and maintaining good cognitive functions for a longer time. It is a pasty and sticky salty spread that is prepared from yeast extract. It is capable of helping our bodies fight off life-threatening infections.

The yeast extract contained in marmite is a rich source of vitamin B, which helps with your mood swings. Vitamin B is also needed for normal brain functions. It also works to produce serotonin, which is needed for lifting your mood.

Sodium present in marmite reduces the body’s natural responses to nervousness by lowering the formation of stress hormones. So start lathering that sticky spread on your toast. But do be careful since it has high salt content. Don’t pile it on your toast like a chocolate spread. You just need a thin layer.

When you include these foods in your daily diet and eat the recommended quantities, you will have better protection against aging mental disorders and anxiety. Remember, the first step to a better lifestyle is reinforcing your mind and body.

We are sure that these freaky foods will change your life and make you healthier and happier. Try to include them in your diet every day to stay healthy and have lots of energy. However, if you are still feeling blue after adding these superfoods to your diet, seek the help of your physician. He will help you to find the potential stimulators that are triggering your depression and making you feel awful.


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