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10 Good Things You Can Glean From a Bad Mood

Sadness and depression is not something a lot of us enjoy, or at least if you are not the masochistic type Having a bad day, a bad mood or generally just a bad feeling does not sit high on anyone’s list of priorities, especially not if you look back on the things that triggered you to get to that feeling in the first place.

DepressionThe emotions you feel – although you may think that sometimes they spring from a moody attitude or your raging hormones – is triggered by things that happen to you or to the people that matter to you. Thus, there are feelings of sadness, depression, moodiness or feeling down.

Although you may think that this feeling is something that promotes negativity in your life, and for a long time, many people have believed this, there are actually good things that can be derived from feeling bad or feeling sad. It may be hard to imagine how you can get something good from a bad thing, but you know how the world works in mysterious ways. Here are 10 good things that you can glean from a bad mood.

1. A Bad Mood Can Sharpen Your Memory

Sharpen Your MemoryDo you remember the time your parents scolded you because you did something wrong, or your boss got mad because of something that was not right on your report? In one way or another, that made you feel bad, right? Do you remember what happened, or why you were scolded? Yes, of course you do.

See, a routine may make your muscle memory sharp, but something that was brought to your abrupt attention – albeit through scolding or anything of the sorts – will stick in your memory. For the most part, it sticks because you do not want to feel the bad feeling again of being put on the spotlight. Thus, you always make sure that you don’t miss anything, making your memory sharper.

2. A Sour Mood Motivates You

MotivationA bad mood and/or sadness may spring from many different reasons. It may be a heartbreak, humiliation, rejection and the like – all of which results in you feeling down and sometimes, even depressed. One good thing that can be taken from all this is the feeling of motivation that you get after being rejected or humiliated.

When someone rejects you – a friend, a loved one, or a job prospect – it gives you a better awareness of yourself and to the things that you need to improve on. Thus, your motivation to become better is heightened. You start to build yourself up, and it can motivate your to do more and try harder.

3. Sadness Helps Develop Better Judgment

Better JudgmentWhen you feel hurt and depressed, only one thing is for sure: something or someone caused that feeling.

Although feeling hurt is a bad feeling and most of us would opt not to experience, you will learn that your strength is actually determined by how many times you get hurt – and recovered from there. It’s the whole “how many times you fell and got back up” cliché, and it actually is true.

Here’s why. When you get hurt, you develop a sense of comparison. You start to compare one thing to another, or one person to another. You start to see the different traits and characteristics to look out for that might lead you to future heartache. When you have that sense of preservation, you develop a better judgment of people or things – mostly people – and who you choose to be with.

4. A Bad Mood Can Help You Interact Better With Others

interacting with other peopleOne good thing that you will learn from feeling down is that you can’t please everyone, and at the same time, not everyone can be pleasing, too.It’s a simple thing that you surely already know. With this knowledge, you become better at interacting with other people.

This is because you become sensitive enough to determine what pulls people in and what pushes them away. Your social skills are enhanced. You become more responsive, more receptive and easy to hang out with. Your interaction with others is improved, because now you know what could please and displease others, because of the things that you know will also please or displease you.

5. A Depressed Mood Can Improve Your Ability To Play Fair

Play FairNo one likes feeling hurt, sad or down. If you are a good person, that feeling is also not something that you would wish upon others. When you’ve had the experience of getting hurt or feeling bad, you know what it feels like to be there. Therefore, you develop a self-awareness that makes you fair.

When put in a situation that you need to choose between two things – which is right and which is wrong – you learn to weigh things through the facts and with fairness because you know, from your own personal experience, that to be unfair will hurt someone’s feelings or will break other people’s trust.

6. A Bad Experience Will Reduce Your Gullibility

GullibleGullibility is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of innocence, but not of weakness. If you are gullible, it only means that you give people more trust and faith than they deserve.

But let’s face it – gullibility is a liability to your self-preservation. In reality, people who easily trust are the ones who are hurt the most. There’s a limit to all that. That is, of course, if you know how to learn from your mistakes.

You see, every time you trust and your trust is broken, you learn new things that can help you become more aware and more knowledgeable about who to trust. Thus, you reduce your gullibility. You become more vigilant and you develop a shell around yourself that cannot easily be fooled by anyone.

7. Sadness And Hurt Makes You More Polite

RespectPoliteness and humility are just two of the things that you learn from being hurt. It’s actually plain and simple. By getting hurt, you become more knowledgeable about the things around you.

You learn that not all things and all people will work to give you what you want. You learn that you are a part of an ecosystem, a group. Thus, you develop humility.

With humility, you learn to respect other people who have been there longer, older people, your leaders and teammates. You become more polite. You learn to consider how other people will feel by your actions before you follow through with them.

8. A Bad Mood Will Open Your Eyes To Reality

RealityReality may not be a good thing for you all the time, but reality is reality, and it’s what you live in. Unless you change your reality, you only get to live in it. If you got hurt once or twice, your eyes are opened to reality. Like – this is what it feels like; this is how others feel.

You start to ask questions. Why does this happen? Why do people get hurt? Why do people hurt other people? You develop a sense of awareness that will also give you the motivation to stop these bad things from happening to other people.

9. Sadness And Bad Experiences Teach You Important Life Lessons

Life LessonsAh, of course. One of the best things that you can get from getting hurt or having a bad day – there is always something good to learn. You know how stories always have a moral take away? It’s the same thing with this. In fact, there is always a lesson to take away from all the experiences you have in life.

It is up to you how and what kind of lessons you will choose to stick by you, but know that even in feeling sad – especially in feeling sad – there is a lesson to learn from that will someday prevent you from going through that feeling again.

10. The Bad Times Provide An Appreciation Of The Good Times

AppreciationOften times, and though you do not mean to, you take the good things for granted. You forget its importance because you think that it will always be there. Then, you lose it. Then, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. It’s a common thing.

One of the best things that you can get from a bad mood, a bad day, a bad experience or being hurt, is that you learn to appreciate things more.

You learn to appreciate what you have. You learn to be thankful, to be content and to be happy with what you have. That is always a good thing.

So you see, a bad mood, sadness or bad experiences are not all that bad. Although it is still not something to look forward to, at least you know that there is something positive to take away from feeling down. Here’s the thing: it’s always up to you as to how you perceive things. If you are the optimist type, then you will know that there is a silver lining to every bad day. If you are not so positive about things, then this is something that can help you get through the bad days.


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