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10 Ways to Be Blissfully Happy Without Really Trying

What is happiness? What are the requisites of happiness? Happiness is a state of well-being, contentment, and satisfaction. There are a lot of reasons to be happy; however, most people think they need to win the lottery, or do something extraordinary to find true happiness. What they fail to realize is that they can also find true happiness, even with the simplest of things.

If you are in the pursuit of happiness, you don’t have to own a fancy car or dress with the latest fashion. Follow these 10 tips, and you are on your way to being blissfully happy without really trying.

1. Share Your Blessings

ShareKnowing that you made someone happy is enough to make you happy. You do not have to have much to give money or food to the needy. A bit of spare change, or the food you packed for lunch is enough, but when you do have more, it will not hurt to give more.

If you don’t have extra money, you could volunteer your time and effort. And, it doesn’t have to be someone you meet on the street or at the subway, helping a friend or family member in need is a way of giving, too.

2. Invest Your Money In

MoneyThe latest gadgets, expensive clothes and bags and other material things can make anyone happy, but according to a recent Cornell study, spending money on travelling or watching a concert provides much more lasting happiness than investing in material things.

In short, it is more satisfying to invest in experiential purchases than on material purchases.

After getting your hands on the latest fashion accessory or a new pair of shoes, the excitement will soon be gone in a few days. But, when you travel to your dream place or watch a concert with your favorite singer, the experience lasts. It is something that stays with you and brings you happy memories.

3. Be Generous With Compliments

How hard is it to compliment someone or anyone for a job well done? Giving compliments is away of appreciating the good things. It will make you happy, and it will make the other person happy, too.

Start by giving one compliment a day, whether you say it face-to-face, in a letter or greeting card by postal mail, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Once you get used to it, it won’t be so hard to focus on the wonderful side of things and people. Gratitude is contagious.

4. Get Active

WalkingObviously, sitting or doing nothing makes you think more about the negative things in your life. You need to distract yourself. Get on your feet. A walk around the neighborhood will surely boost your mood. It’s also a good way of catching up with the neighbors and enjoying the view outside.

If walking seems too light for the intensity of your emotions, then run, if you can, and you’ll get the runner’s euphoric high, thanks to those happy hormones.

5. Get A Little Sunshine

Sunlight can brighten up anyone’s gloomy day. Well, not just physically, but mentally. When the retina of your eye catches the sun’s light, the serotonin level in your brain increases.

SunshineSerotonin is a mood-enhancing hormone that can relieve stress and depression. Additionally, sunlight is a good source of vitamin D, which help regulates your sleeping and waking patterns.

And, you know what lack of sleep can do to you physically and mentally the next day. If you’re feeling down, spend 10 minutes in the sun, but avoid the sunlight between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If you must go out during the middle of the day, be sure to use sunscreen, and wear sunglasses, too.

6. Walk Like You’re Happy

Your posture, and even the way you walk can make your sadness even worse. Haven’t you heard the phrase “Fake it ‘til you make it”? It works really well on pretending to be happy until you’re convinced that you’re happy. So, chest out, heads up and add a skip to your steps. Add a happy tune as you go along.

7. Be Your Own Best Buddy

BeautifulThis one is not without trying, but without a doubt, loving everything about you is the main key to happiness.

Get rid of envy. Get rid of your insecurities. She’s good looking; you’re good at math. She has an almost perfect body;you play the piano almost as great as Mozart. For sure, it won’t be easy, especially if you’re not that good at math or great at playing the piano.

But, you don’t have to be perfect, or like anybody else, either. Look inside and you’ll find a special being, because each of us is beautiful in our own way. Embrace everything about you, and all else will follow.

8. Do One Thing At A Time

TimeWhen you fill your day with numerous tasks, you tend to multitask and rush everything. Doing everything at once makes your mind lose focus and awareness of what you’re doing,as well as the things around you.

It prevents your mind from creating wonderful memories.  When you rush to finish each task, you are likely to get poor results, too.

Instead, take deep breaths. Make a mental note of the most important things to do. Go through each one and if you still have time left do the less important ones.

9. Go Slow With Your Comfort Foods

Ice creamIf eating comfort food is one of your ways of dealing with stress and problems, go ahead. But, eat your comfort foods rarely.

Eating ice cream or chocolate almost every day makes them ordinary foods that will no longer excite you during the tough times. Try talking to a trusted friend or journaling instead.

10. Expect Less, Appreciate More

If you’re always aiming for the big things, then you are likely to get disappointed often. Learn to appreciate the little things.

BeachA nice stroll in the park under the perfect weather, a wonderful day at the beach or a kiss from your kids; these are the seemingly mundane moments, yet special times that allow you to live in the present.

These are simple things that can bring a smile in the future. These are the moments that provide comfort when you most need them in the future.

Many people are unhappy because they always dream of the big things,things that do not come by on an ordinary day. What these people don’t know is, happiness can come from the simple things, things that require less or no effort to achieve. They say the grass is always green on the other side for a reason. Appreciate what you have, and you’ll be much happier, too.


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