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13 Subtle Signs Your BFF May Be Dealing with Severe Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is one of the most tragic and traumatic experience that a person can go through. It may be someone you know or someone close to you. Even while watching it on the news, it is hard to comprehend how someone can be so down that life and living is not an option anymore. You can’t help but wonder how hard it must have been for the person who committed suicide, yet even harder to think how the people left behind feel.

SuicideEvery year, there are 800,000 suicide cases in the world, and even more attempted suicides recorded.

That means millions of people – family, friends and loved ones – go through the grief and pain of losing someone from something that could have been prevented.

The most painful fact is that 45 percent of these cases reported, family members or friends share that the person may have had subtle signs of showing suicidal tendencies, which means that something could have been done to prevent their loved one from departing.

Suicide and suicidal thoughts are not something that people should take lightly. Although some people may not show the signs, there are many telltale actions that could lead you to think that your friend, or even a family member, is plagued by suicidal thoughts. Here are 13 subtle signs that you can look out for. They may even help you save a life.

1. Talking About Suicide Or Death

Talking about suicideOne of the most observable telltale signs if a person is entertaining suicidal thoughts is when they talk about suicide or death. It may be a regular topic that comes out of their mouth or it could be said just once or twice out of nowhere.

The mistake that often times happen – although you are not really to blame here – is when these hints are ignored or taken as a joke.

When a person talks about suicide, even if they say it as a joke, and the person seems to have an optimistic and enthusiastic view on life, you should not take that lightly. When a person talks about this, it only means that they think about it, but without the proper guidance, they could seriously entertain the possibility.

2. They Use Drugs And Drink Alcohol A Lot

Alcohol and drugs are some of the ways – wrong ways, at that – people use to forget the hard things that they go through.Trauma, depression, hurt and the pain of losing someone or something, are just a few of the things that alcohol and drugs can temporarily drown.

What happens when the booze dies down? The depression creeps back in, and so the person goes through the routine all over again.

Eventually, when that person realizes that they’ve hit a brick wall, they have the tendency to entertain the possibility of ending their life. A person who drinks a lot or does drugs is oftentimes a lonely person, even if they refuse to admit it. As a friend, you need to be there for them to listen to their struggles.

3. They Are Reckless And Careless

RecklessPeople who entertain suicidal thoughts don’t really care however way they go about things, as long as they go. They do stupid and dangerous things that could seriously injure them or yes, even kill them. This can be in the form of being an adrenaline junkie, like riding a motorcycle at top speeds or starting a fight with someone every chance they get.

You have to consider that these actions are not driven by the person themselves, but by the struggle that they feel. You have to understand them and learn to pacify them, too.

4. They Start Asking Questions About Lethal Things

QuestionsIt may come off as something that they are suddenly interested in. Of course, they would not tell you upfront that they are thinking of ending their life.

When a person suddenly develops an interest on lethal stuff – guns, poisonous substances and other lethal objects – it is normal to feel suspicious about them.

A person who is entertaining suicidal thoughts is also thinking of how they want to go. Sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, they voice out some of these thoughts and this is where you get the hints. This is where you make the move to prevent such a tragedy from happening.

5. There Is A Significant Change In Their Attitude

A person who becomes suddenly depressed or negative, or a person who suddenly becomes moody is a sign that they are struggling with something – something that they have a hard time voicing about. As a friend, it is your duty to know what is keeping them down. You should be there to listen and comfort them, so that it does not escalate to suicidal thoughts, which is a big possibility.

Depressed6. They Have A Depressed Aura All The Time

If a person refuses to go out and socialize or talk, refuses to eat, lacks sleep and the like, this is a sign that this person may be going through depression. Depression is a psychological condition where a person can be feeling down over some serious matter, and any small negative thing can add to that burden for them.

Depression is a serious case and it requires serious treatment and action. One of the major causes of suicide is traced back to people who go through depression.

7. They Want To Be Alone Most Of The Time

There are two things to this case: one, they want to be alone because they are going through depression, or two, they want to be alone to attempt the suicide or think of ways to go. Introversion is different from depression. It is important know the difference. A person may be an introvert, yet still enjoy being one. A person who is depressed wants to stay alone all the time, but they need to reach out for help to address their depression.

8. They Refuse To Go Out Or Meet With Other Friends

AloneWhen a person starts to withdraw from society and from their friends, it is a sign that they are going through something. It may be a traumatic experience, heartbreak or the feeling of rejection.

Either way, some people recluse themselves to nurse their feelings alone; thus, this is where most serious depression cases spring from.

As a friend, you should make your friend feel that you are there to help them move on and nurse their feelings.

9. They Start Arranging Their Affairs

A person who is planning to go soon will start arranging their affairs. Examples of these are giving out their bank account details, talking to their lawyers about their will and testament or closing any of their businesses. This is because even if they will be leaving, they do not want the ones they leave behind to stress more about them. This is one of the red flags that you should look out for and decide that it’s time to seek help for your friend.

10. They Say Goodbye

GoodbyeGoodbyes are normal, right? You say goodbye to your friends when it’s time to go home and things like that.

However, when a person with suicidal tendencies says goodbye, there is a foreboding tone to it, even if it is unintentional. As a friend, you should be able to feel this and it is not something that you should wave off.

11. They Start Giving Away Their Stuff

Giving away their stuff is one of the main telltale signs that a person is planning to leave their life here on earth. Sure, a lot of people give others stuff all the time. However, when a person starts to give away some of their most important memorabilia, it could only mean that they are leaving some of their legacy to people that matter to them.

12. They Are Vocal About Having No Hope For Their Future

People with suicidal tendencies often feel like there is no hope and no future for them. Sometimes, they are vocal about it. As a friend, you can help your friend become better by encouraging them to seek the needed professional help, and being there with them in this time of need.

13. If After All These Symptoms, There Is A Sudden Peace In Their Attitude

Sudden PeaceThis is called the calm before the storm. After seeing any of these symptoms mentioned above and your friend lies low and arrives at a sudden peace, it may only mean that they have finally made up their mind. You have to act fast and help them any way you can to prevent a tragic thing from happening.

Suicidal thoughts often emerge going through severe depression, multiple problems or if a person is going through rejection and they feel like there is no one there to help. They may show a strong front, and often times they do, but they are struggling deep inside.

It is important that you stay by them, give them positive encouragement and make them feel that they are loved, accepted and that life should always go on. Life is precious and we only get to live once, and so does your friend.


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