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13 Ways Women Can Improve Their Emotional Health

Your emotional health is a fragile treasure that you should take care and pamper at all times. Every day, you face many things – even if you have a routine – and this can affect your emotional stability. Every day, you learn to deal with the things that you come across. Do you really know how to make sure your emotional health remains intact?

Yes, you’ve learned to deal. Yes, you can’t be easily swayed. However, without the right amount of emotional stability and pampering, all these forces that you go through every day can be stored up in your head, and one day burst out and mess everything up. That will not be a nice scene.

This is why you should learn the basics of taking care of your emotional health. Just the basics, nothing too big of a change. Remember, your emotional health is the key to many things: your job, your social life and your life as a whole. Here are 13 ways that you can do to improve and take care of your emotional health.

1. Expand Your Social Circle

Social CircleHaving friends is one way to keep your sanity in check. Your friends are your source of laughter. Meeting new friends will give you a wider view in life, because you get to see other things from their perspective.

The more people you make friends with, the more colors you can add to the palette that is other people’s principles and perspectives in life.

This makes you wiser, stronger and bolder. Because you have a deeper knowledge in socialization and society, you become more aware. This improves your emotional health because you know that wherever life takes you, you can hold yourself just fine.

2. Keep In Touch

Keep In TouchMeet new friends but keep the old. Keep in touch with old friends – friends from high school, friends from your university, and friends from your hometown.

Your childhood, teenage and younger days are days where you have less things to feel pressured about. Those were the good times. Those were the times when you were carefree and light and didn’t have to worry about tomorrow – for the most part, maybe.

It is always good to look back on beautiful and fun memories, especially if you rarely get to do some of those things anymore. Memories are your way to remind yourself that you are capable of enjoying and having fun. Keep in touch with those memories, and with the friends in them.

3. Make Time For Family

FamilyYes, you have a busy schedule and for most part, you work as hard as you can because you want to provide yourself and your family the life that you all deserve. That is actually a good cause, but not something that you should devote your life to. Your family should always come first.

Family is our roots, our basic and the most important part of our lives. When everything would go bad, family is there to keep you together. It is only right that in the good times, your family should also be part of it.

4. Make Time For Yourself

FunYou know the saying: Life is what happens when you are too busy making a living? Sure, you may enjoy your work life and you have many friends at work, but work should only consume eight hours of your time every day. Well, at least eight hours. Outside of that should be time that you give to yourself. If you earn enough, you can travel and discover many things.

You can hang out with friends, with family or do something fun, anything that makes you happy. You can shop for the things that you want, or pamper yourself and go to the salon. Just make time for yourself and make sure that you really enjoy doing what you do.

5. Always Be Hungry To Learn New Things

Knowledge is power and every day is a learning process. Learning does not end, even in your old age.

LearnYou can become wiser than you were, but there is always something new to learn every day. With this, you might as well learn the good stuff, right? Not the mediocre “okay” kind of knowledge, but rather the “eureka” moments.

Always be hungry to learn new things. Challenge yourself. Keep moving forward. Don’t stop at mediocrity and always go to the next level. Being hungry to learn new things can help you a lot in life, in your emotional stability and even in your career.

6. Be Active

A sound mind and emotional health is directly correlated to your physical health. Your physical health affects how you feel emotionally and how you think. Sometimes, your physical health even affects your self confidence. This is why you should remain active.

This is also a good way to discover a new passion – like rock climbing, running, swimming – anything that could keep you physically moving and active regularly, and could also keep your body in tune.

7. Get The Right Amount Of Sleep

SleepYes, sleeping – this is the one thing that most people take for granted. Actually, this is the one thing that most people deprive themselves of, but it is the one thing that they crave the most.

It could either be because of work, pressure or anything in life, but there’s no excuse.

An adult needs at least six to eight hours of sleep every night, so that their brain and other body parts can function healthily. If you noticed, a regular lack of sleep can also make you cranky and irritable, which is not a good thing for your emotional stability.

8. Once In A While, Indulge

You may be going through a strict diet or wanting to reduce some weight. That’s good; however, you should not deprive yourself of the good things in life. Yes, you should cut down on the sweets or carbs but do not cut it off from your life forever. It’s not a good thing to deprive yourself. After all, you only live once so you might as well enjoy the little things.

9. Make Love Often

Make loveWhen we say “make love,” we don’t it always mean sex, and it definitely does not mean a one night stand. Making love can go from cuddling, to spending the afternoon together in bed, to kissing and anything passionate done with the person that you love.

This makes you happy and elated, and is good for your emotional health. Make love to your partner every chance you get.

10. Create A Healthy Work-Life Balance

You may love your work and enjoy staying in the office to brainstorm anything that can be good for the company. That is good. That can get your career going places. However, you should also learn to balance everything.

You see, you may enjoy the workload and the pressure, but that is only because you do not expose yourself to anything else that you can do outside from work. When you go out and find something new to do, you will realize that there is actually more to life than working hard.

No11. Learn To Push back

Often times and in many cases, an unhealthy emotional stability comes from a person that does not have the ability to say “no.” This is because you still do the things that you do not want to do, because you can’t push back. When this happens, you keep all the frustrations inside you and this can make your emotional health unstable.

Remember this: No one should be able to tell you to do things that you don’t want to do.

12. Relax Your Mind

After all the hustles and bustles of life – every day or every week – always find time to relax yourself, and free your mind from all the stress.

You can do yoga, you can hang out with nature. Anything that can make you forget the stress and pressure. It is always a good thing to relax your mind and to reset your emotions.

13. Start A Hobby Or Passion

Wall climbStarting a new hobby or passion is one good way to channel your emotions. When one thing is not working for you, you are always free to start a new hobby where you will learn to deal with the things that you need to deal with. You can wall climb, travel, learn to knit – any hobby that can help you discover yourself more. This can help you greatly with your emotional stability.

It does not make you too much of a sensitive person if you choose to pamper your emotional stability. If anything, it makes you stronger emotionally.

Think of it as food, like how food works in your physical strength, emotional pampering will make you strong and healthy also. We all deal and we all learn how to deal. It’s the method you use to deal that determines your emotional strength.


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