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6 Winning Things to Do When He’s Lost That Loving Feeling

After being together for long, romance and emotional attraction can fade away. Either one, or both of you grew too comfortable with each other, so that you don’t exert extra effort to fan the flames anymore. Or, due to the demands of your careers and family, you lack the time and energy to be inventive and try out new things, until sex and other activities have become a routine, and your relationship has become boring and monotonous.

Excitement eventually fadedAt the start of the relationship, your boyfriend showers you with gifts, surprises you at work and never fails to make you feel his love. These gestures gave you that rush of excitement every time you saw him. After he stopped doing these sweet things, the excitement eventually faded and died. Did you know that men also experience the same thing? Your partner can also lose that loving feeling once you stop doing the things that attracted him to you.

When a man confesses he is not feeling the spark anymore, do not give up just yet, because the love is there; only the excitement and emotional attraction are not. If you want to rescue your relationship and win back your man, here are six things to do when he’s lost that loving feeling.

1. Make The First Bold Move

Bold MoveAsk yourself if you still want to make the relationship work and be honest with your answer. Do not let your ego get in the way of letting your partner know how you want to make things better.

Making the first move only shows how much you want him.The key here is to be honest about your feelings. Do you still love your partner enough? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to bring back what is lost?

Making a relationship last is team work, and it won’t succeed if you don’t work together. If you want to patch things up, you both have to want it. You also have to ask your partner if he wants to give it another try.

2. Talk Openly

Talk OpenlyRelationships do not die an instant death unless if one of you cheated or did something terrible. Romance and emotional attraction fades when you fail to nourish it and keep the fire burning.

If you failed to communicate your needs and wants to your partner, now is the perfect time to do so. You want to start anew, so you need to talk about what came in between.

Honestly ask yourself these questions: Was it your career? Did your partner lack the effort, or was it you?

Talk openly without making judgments and pointing fingers as to who is more at fault. You are trying to find a solution and not create more adversity. Focus on the things you need to do next, instead of arguing about what’s been done. If you want to move forward, you have to leave your burden behind, and focus on the here and now.

3. Give And Ask For Space

SpaceCreating a space between you two will allow both of you to let your emotions cool off and to think things through, like what went wrong that led you to this situation.

If your partner wants space, let him have it, even if it hurts. Resisting your partner’s request will only make him want to get out more. Besides, being away from your partner for the meantime creates a good opportunity to start fresh and new.

But, before doing so, you should first talk about how long the temporary separation will take and what to do while you are not together. No cool offs last for a year, and you certainly can’t do things single people do, because technically, you are just taking a break. To be fair to both sides, implement a no-dating rule. After all, you are doing this to fix things and not try out something new that if it does not work, you will have a fallback.

4. Make Your Relationship A Priority

Due tospending the leftover time, couples end up doing the convenient things over and over again. When you both have careers, have kids and have to get in touch with friends and families, too often, you end up spending the leftover time for your together time, which is next to nothing.

Next time, as you plan your week ahead, put your relationship into your priority schedule.

Mark a day or two as your date night. Dates do not need to be expensive. What is important is you get to do fun things without interruption. Better yet, schedule a sex night and make sure you get to do new things in the bedroom, like acting out your fantasies or trying out a new sex position you read about somewhere.

5. Bring Back The Old You

Think of the things that made him fall in love with you. Did you have much fun in the past than you are today? Have you changed much that the old you is only a quarter of the new you? Maybe he prefers the simpler and outgoing you before than the sophisticated you now. It won’t hurt to bend a little just to please your partner. To make a relationship last, you have to meet each other halfway.

6. Stoke The Fire

Mood for excitementWhen you have been together for long, no matter how much you love each other, it is not impossible for the excitement to fade away.

If you stop adding firewood to the fireplace, then the flame will eventually die, and the cold will take over. The same goes for your relationship.

Create a mood for excitement. Being together 24/7 and doing the same things almost every day will surely take the excitement away. Spend time away from each other and do things you enjoy individually. By doing this,you are allowing yourselves to miss each other.

When you get together, do things that are fun for both of you. Watch romantic comedies, do some sports, take turns in doing massage and plan a vacation, at least once a year.

Men can lose the spark, too. If your partner does, do not lose hope. With these six ways, you can bring back that loving feeling.


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