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7 Perfect Ways to Fix a Broken Relationship

It is easy to start a relationship, but difficult to make it last. Breakups can occur for several reasons, and it’s more painful if the reasons are lies and deceits. When the trust is broken, it is hard just to forgive and forget, and then move on like nothing happened. But, despite the pain and hurt, it is not impossible for couples to get back together and pick up the pieces.

Healing will be the hardest part, and it normally takes a long time. If your relationship is going downhill, get it back on track. Here are seven perfect ways to fix a broken relationship.

1. Forget About Your Pride

Who should go first? This is one question that can get in the way when it comes to fixing relationships. Letting go of your ego is the most important step.

If you want to make your relationship work, it does not matter as to who is more at fault. Simply ask your partner this, “Do you still want to make this work, because I do.”This only shows that your relationship matters more than saving your pride.

2. Forgive, Forget And Move On

ForgiveThis is easier said than done,especially if you have been hurt badly, and it’s easier to forgive than to forget. However, if you want start fresh, you have to leave the bad and ugly behind.

Before moving on, release your pain, and let your partner know how his or her actions have hurt you. Let your partner do the same. For sure, you have your faults, too, because we all make mistakes. So say you’re sorry and ask them for forgiveness.

Go all out with your confessions and do not leave any details behind that can lead to doubt. Once you have openly dealt with your issues, agree to put them in the past. When discussing things, avoid the blame and shame game, or pointing out who is more at fault, because this can lead to even more conflicts. The reason for the discussion is to help both of you to learn from your mistakes, so you can become better partners in the future.

Moreover, wounds need time to heal. Do not rush to fix things. Let forgiveness and healing come naturally. If you want space and time to recover, ask for it. If your partner wants it, then give it.

3. Initiate An Open Discussion

Once you have come to terms with your past issues, come up with real solutions. Do not impose rules that only benefit you. For example, if you want to schedule regular dates, make sure it coincides with both your working schedules.

If you want to incorporate fun activities, choose activities that you both find enjoyable, or you can take turns to do their thing, then your thing.

It should be a brainstorm of ideas and not just you coming up with your own self-serving suggestions. Urge your partner to speak out about what he or she wants and needs. And most importantly, listen objectively.

4. Deal With Your Healing Relationship With Extra Care

You can compare a broken relationship to a broken glass. You can put the pieces back together, but the marks remain.

This only means that your relationship is fragile and with a light impact, it can shatter to pieces – so shattered that you cannot glue them back together.

Be more attentive and mindful of your partner’s needs. Do not hold back on expressing your love, make him or her feel secured and avoid committing the same mistakes again and again. The first time maybe unintentional, but the second, third and the fourth time? Who are you fooling?

5. Change Yourself For The Better

Give up smoking or too much alcoholMany people believe that when you love someone, you have to accept his or her flaws or imperfections fully.

Yes, this is true, because you have to love a person as he or she is, but this does not mean you can just tolerate bad habits or insensitive behavior, and neither does your partner. It won’t hurt to make little changes to please your partner.

For guys, you can give up smoking or too much alcohol not just to make your partner happy, but for your health also. You can take a shower and shave everyday if that is what your partner wants. For the ladies, you can cut down on your shopping expenses, avoid spending too much time on the phone and get rid of your unhealthy habits, too. Changes do not have to be drastic.

6. Have Sex Often

SexSex is one of the most important ingredients to keeping a long-lasting happy relationship.

Apart from satisfying carnal needs, having sex builds and maintains an emotional connection. If you are too busy with work and many other things that your sexual life ended up in the backseat, now is the time to shift your priorities.

As boring as it sounds, scheduling sex can spice things up. Scheduled sex is better than no sex at all. Mark Saturday as your sex night and do not let anything come in between, unless if it is an emergency. Turn off your gadgets and make an effort to create a romantic atmosphere. Make Saturday sex a rule that should never be broken.

Great sex also requires communication, so don’t be shy about stating your needs and wants in the bedroom. Encourage your partner to speak up, too. For sure, he has been fantasizing about an adventurous sex position and dying to try it out with you.

7. Be The Healthiest Person You Can Be

Me time“Even lovers need a holiday, far away from each other,” as one song says. Relationship issues often arise from unmet individual needs. You both need some “me time” to do the things you are passionate about.

You become a better partner when you are emotionally healthy and balanced as an individual. Catch up with friends and families, or do your hobbies at least once a week. Make sure it does not interfere with your “us time” schedule.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. It allows you to miss each other and be excited to get together again.

Picking up the pieces of a broken relationship is one step forward to fixing it. And, with these seven ways, you can easily put back the pieces and make it look and feel like new.


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