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Are You Using These 8 Lame Excuses to Avoid Having Sex?

During sex, your body releases serotonin, an anti-depressant that gives you the feeling of contentment and well-being. Your brain also releases dopamine, putting your mind in an ecstatic state. Therefore, sex is not only good for your relationship, but good for your health as well.

Not in the moodHowever, no matter how sexually active you are, there will be times when you are not in the mood for sex, for many reasons. A stressful day at work, a rough day with the kids, an occurrence of a major problem, fluctuated hormones or feeling ill: these could all pass as a valid reason. After all, no one should force if you are not feeling it.

On the other hand, there will be times when you can, but you won’t. These are the times when you are too preoccupied with things and you’d rather do something else, rather than hit the sheets with your partner. Remember, desire is not always the reason to have sex. Sometimes, you have to give in to sustain your relationship. Here are some valid reasons not to make it a habit of skipping sex with these eight lame excuses:

1. “I’m Too Tired.”

After a sleepless night or a long day at work, it’s hard to think about getting cozy with your partner when all your body wants is some shuteye.

That’s reason enough. Having sex with a zombie is not a good idea, either. However, you should not make a habit out of no-sex-nights.

To have energy for later, fuel your sex drive throughout the day. Before you leave for work, give your partner a long passionate kiss. While one or both of you is at work, spare a few minutes to fantasize about erotic scenes, and then send him or her text messages with your naughty thoughts. When you do these things, you’ll find yourself rushing to get home and straight to the bedroom.

And who says you can only have sex at night? Lunchtime is the perfect time to sneak into the bedroom and have each other for dessert.

2. “I Don’t Have Time.”

TimeYour partner gets it. You have a million things to do and you can’teven squeeze a five-minute sex break into your busy schedule.

This is just a lame excuse because if you really want it, you’ll make time for it, just like with all the other things you have planned for the day.

The key word here is “planned.” As unexciting as it sounds, marking your sex days on the calendar is an effective way of including it in your priority list. Yes, spontaneous sex is a lot of fun, but planned sex is more fun than not having sex at all. When doing the deed is on your to-do-list, it is less likely to end up in the backseat.

3. “I can’t Miss Tonight’s Episode.”

How would you feel if you are the one to ask and your partner tells you this? You would probably be so annoyed that you won’t speak to him or her the next morning. If you really can’t miss just one episode of your favorite show, put your DVR to good use and in just a few minutes, you can come back and watch it, sans the long, boring commercials.

4. “I Have A Headache.”

If you’re not making it up, a headache, along with other body aches could pass as a valid reason for skipping sex.

But did you know that sex is a great pain reliever? Yes, the pleasure you get from having sex triggers the release of endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller, which completely or partially relieve headaches and other body pains.

Just lie down and let your partner take over. Who needs acetaminophen or ibuprofen anyway, when you got the best natural remedy at hand?

5. “I have To Do Stuff For The Kids.”

KidsYour children’s needs should be on your top priority, along with your partner’s needs. You can’t sacrifice one for the other. For a happy family and marriage, you have to keep being a parent and being a spouse in balance. Yes, it’s difficult but you have got to work it out.

For instance, if your kids are all in bed, don’t spend the rest of the night fussing with things they will need the next day. Get in the bedroom and share a sweet intimate moment with your partner. Then, the next morning, wake up a bit earlier than usual to have your children ready for school.

6. “The Kids Will Hear Us.”

AsleepTo begin with, if you are sure your kids are asleep, then most probably they won’t hear you making out and getting it off. If your bedroom is beside or right across the kid’s room, turn the volume down a little bit. If it still bothers you, then do it somewhere distant like in the kitchen or in the laundry room. Is that so hard to do?

7. “I Hate The Way I Look.”

HateAfter gaining a few pounds, you might feel a little less confident with the idea of being naked. Sexual desire can plummet when you feel undesirable.

However, if your partner is initiating the act, then presumably he or she does not care if your thighs are fat, or your tummy starts to bulge.

Your partner loves you for who you are and a few pounds isn’t going to change that. Focus on how good your body feels and what your body can do, instead of worrying about how it looks. If it really bothers you, start a fitness routine. And remember, sex is exercise, too.

8. “I Need To Finish Cleaning.”

LaundryThe unfolded laundry can wait. The dirty dishes can wait. All the other chores that won’t put you and your kids at risk for anything dangerous can wait. Again, making love with your partner should be a priority.

It’s important to keep a clean environment, but do not let it get in the way of being intimate with your partner. If it can wait, let it wait. However, if you are the type of person who wants a spotlessly clean house, then good luck to your partner.

If you have a habit of using these lame excuses for skipping sex, then you are missing a lot of opportunities for pleasure and strengthening your relationship. If it continues, your relationship could be at a serious risk. Do something now before it is too late. It doesn’t take much time or effort to sustain a harmonious relationship.


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