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8 Shocking Ways Anger Can Destroy Your Life

Every day, we face challenges and situations that trigger emotions, happiness, joy, sadness and most times, anger. When caught in traffic and running late for work, you curse at the other drivers. When someone cuts you off on the road, you curse at them, too. When you find out a close friend is talking behind your back, you may want to get where she is, so you can say mean things to her and embarrass her in front of other people.

It’s totally normal to feel angry when you are hurt or disrespected. There is nothing wrong with expressing it either. Even a person with the kindest heart can lose their temper at times, and get angry. However, the way you express and manage your anger can have a lasting impact on your life. Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can make you hurt other people and make you behave badly and uncontrollably.

Here are eight shocking ways anger can destroy your life.

1. Anger Destroys Relationships

AngerPeople can express anger in different ways. You can let the anger boil inside you and isolate yourself from others, or you confront them with hurtful words and actions. Either way you do it, these ways can push other people away from you.

How you deal with anger can also cultivate anger and hate, especially if you release your emotions by lashing out at other people and destroying things. Doing this can ruin relationships.

At home, constantly nagging at your partner and kids as a way of releasing the anger inside you can ruin emotional bonds. At work, yelling at your co-workers makes you a terror, and if you are not the boss, you can get fired for misconduct.

2. Anger Makes You Bitter

Not everyone can let go of their anger easily. For example, Anna’s boyfriend cheated on her, and worse yet, the girl was her friend. The hurt caused by two people close to her heart can turn into intense anger,which is not that easy to forgive and forget.

As in this case, if Anna chose not to let go and move on, she’ll relive the anger each time she sees her ex-boyfriend or ex-BFF, or when she hears something about them. It’s also not impossible for her to devise plans to get back at him and her friend. All the time that she is angry, she’s not hurting anyone, but herself.

3. Anger Causes Psychological Disorders

Many of us consider anger as a bad emotion. As a result, we tend to bottle it up, rather than express it. But, keeping it inside will do you no good, either. Every time you bury this emotion deep into your core, it grows until it overwhelms the positive and happy emotions, making you suffer from depression and anxiety.

4. Anger Makes You Hurt Innocent People

Hurt Innocent PeopleBringing unresolved issues from work and not dealing with marital issues at home often leaves you with anger swelling up inside.

If you fail to address this anger to the rightful person, you are likely to vent out your emotions on your kids who are innocent and defenseless from your wrath. You may be unconsciously hurting your child,which could leave a long-lasting mark on their emotional well-being.

5. Anger Affects Your Work Output And Creativity

Anger makes you lose focus. You will find it difficult to concentrate on accomplishing the tasks at hand. When you are filled with anger, you cannot produce creative and useful ideas,which can help you accomplish quality output at work. If you get uncontrollably angry all the time, it can get in the development of your career.

6. Anger Can Boomerang Back At You

ShameWhen you are angry, you blurt out words as a way of releasing your emotions. Most times, these are hurtful words you will regret later on and wish you never said.

Hurting other people will lead to guilt, self-hate, shame and low self-esteem.  Lashing out at other people will not only hurt them. It can also hurt you, and for a long time.

7. Anger Can Lead To Legal Consequences

If you are unable to control your anger, you might resort to using abusive words and physical force. Hurting someone verbally and physically can result in assault charges, and you can even end up behind bars. Fighting over a parking space is certainly not worth going to jail or forever tainting your name with legal charges that involve violence.

8. Anger Can Harm Your Health

Just like fear, worries and too much resentment and anger can cause stress. Every time you are stressed, your body releases stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, a process also known as the “fight or flight response.”

When this happens, your brain limits blood flow to your muscles and gut. Your heart beats at a fast rate,while your blood pressure and body temperature increases.

Heart AttacksIf you cannot handle anger well, these things will happen inside your body each time you get angry and they could even lead to short and long-term health problems, like:

  • Stomach Pains And Digestion Problems
  • Recurring Headaches
  • Sleeplessness
  • Eczema Flare-Ups
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Attacks
  • Strokes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

You may think emotions are mere feelings that don’t affect your body’s internal functions, but that’s not true. Your negative emotions can cause your heart to beat faster, raising your blood pressure and causing damaging hormone levels, so this means how you feel can affect your health.

Do not let anger take over your life. By simply doing the following things, you can avoid the detrimental effects of anger:

  1. Whenever A Conflict Arises, Do Not React Immediately. You are likely to regret if you react while your emotions are high, so think before you act. Take a few steps back, literally.
  2. CalmTake 10 Slow, Deep Breaths. If you have to, remove yourself from the situation, stating that you’ll return when you calm down to talk more about it.
  3. Once Your Anger Subsides, Determine If The Situation Is Worth The Trouble. Most times, the reasons for being angry are not worth it.
  4. If You Can, Let It Go, But Do Not Tolerate Bad Behavior. In a calm manner, let the person know how their words or actions affected you, so they become aware of their mistakes. Even if you can’t solve the issue, at least you’ve spoken your mind, which will help you feel much better.

If you think your anger is way beyond your control and these tips do not seem to help, do not hesitate to seek help from an expert. Your health and well-being is at stake, so get some help before it’s too late, and you’ll be happier and healthier.


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