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8 Situational Sex Positions for Every Woman

Did you know that different sex positions can improve your sexual experience in different situations? Sex positions offer varying levels of pleasure, and certain sex positions can help you resolve bedroom problems. Whether it’s chronic pain, confidence issues, size issues and wanting to get pregnant, you can try out new positions that are comfortable and pleasurable for you. You can also try each one of them without the need for reasons to do so. Novelty can spice things up in the bedroom.

Here are eight situational sex positions for the ladies out there.

1. If You Want To Get Pregnant

Missionary styleIf you are aiming to get pregnant, sex positions can help you achieve your goal. Sex positions that allow you to absorb all his seminal fluid fully during ejaculation increase the chance of a sperm fertilizing your egg.

The good old missionary style, with your man on top and a pillow under your butt, makes sure that nothing goes to waste. Plus, it offers direct clitoral stimulation that leads to orgasm,which increases your chances of getting pregnant.

If you are out just looking for pleasure, better avoid this sex position, or you can take the pillow off the scene.

2. For Women With Inhibitions

You on topA bad body image can affect your performance in bed. If you are less confident in the bedroom, avoid positions where you feel you are under your partner’s watchful eyes.

With you on top, you won’t be too conscious of him seeing your body. Try out other ways or positions with you on top, like squatting or with your back to him, so he can see your nicely shaped butt.

Being in control can make you feel sexy and confident. And, though your guy won’t admit it, he’s enjoying how you pleasure him with your moves. Sometimes, guys love it when they just have to lie down there and do nothing.

3. If Your Man Is Gifted

Lie down on his sideA large penis is a dream for both men and women out there. But, did you think having a huge-sized penis is always a blessing? Most of the times yes; however, being well-endowed down there can hurt you during sex, especially if you are small because obviously, smaller women have smaller openings. Most fortunately, this “huge” problem has an easy solution.

Your man should lie down on his side and then lie down vertically to him, face-to-face, with your legs wrapped around his waist. This might be a little difficult, since once of your legs has to carry your man’s weight as you lie on your sides. Nevertheless, this position is worth trying, as it allows you to control the depth of penetration without sacrificing the pleasure. Just avoid doing it on solid surfaces or you will surely hurt yourself.

4. If Your Man Is Not So Gifted

Woman on topIf there are lucky men, there are also not-so-lucky men. However, according to experts who conducted surveys and research, the size hardly matters for the overall sexual satisfaction, because the performance matters more.

Talking about great sex for guys with a smaller penis, the best position for you to try out is the woman on top.

Unlike the usual up and down motion, your hips have to move in a circular motion so the penis won’t slip out. Or, you can try out a missionary position with your legs on your man’s shoulders. This position provides deeper penetration and allows you to enjoy and make use of his size fully.

5. For The Greatest Female Pleasure

Coital alignment techniqueSure, you know and have probably tried several sex positions.If you have tried the coital alignment technique, then you know it’s the best position when it comes to pleasure.

It is one of the few sex positions proven to help women achieve orgasm during intercourse.

Coital alignment technique is a missionary-style variation where a guy slides himself forward, past your shoulders in slow fluid movements with his pelvis grinding against yours, instead of thrusting. If you don’t easily achieve orgasm, this position is worth a try. It provides direct clitoral stimulation for better pleasure and possibly even an orgasm.

6. For Hour-Long Sex

Fun and pleasureThere are two reasons why sex can end quickly: premature ejaculation or your man cannot maintain a solid erection for long. If you and your guy are constantly having these endurance problems, perhaps you should shift to a new sex position to improve your sexual experience.

With him on top, he can easily slow down or pull out whenever he is near ejaculation and control the pace to maintain arousal for longer erection. It’s up to you to be more creative to add more fun and pleasure.

7. If You Experience Pain During Intercourse

Some women may experience pain during intercourse for several reasons. If the pain is due to dryness, you can easily make use of water-based lubricants. Or, try positions with you on top, so you will have more control over the pace and depth of penetration. You know more of what’s comfortable for you, so take the reins.

8. For Outdoor Fun

Outdoor sexOutdoor sex will surely spice up your sex life. If you want to give in to your man’s ultimate fantasy, try sex positions that allow easy penetration and a quick cover up in case a stranger happens to pass by.

Doggie style and standing positions provide great pleasure, and your man can easily pull out and hide his member if your location has been compromised. Make sure you wear outfits that provide easy access, like long skirts or dresses. You can even go commando.

For the best outdoor sex experience, avoid places where you can easily get caught. Doing it in public does not mean you should be seen by the public. You don’t want to end up in court, do you?

Got bedroom problems? No worries. These eight sex positions can help you have better sex and comfort, too. Sex is a normal part of a couple’s relationship. It keeps the bond strong and encourages intimacy and closeness, so be creative and find the positions that work the best. You’ll both say thank you later.


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