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9 Exciting Reasons Love and Sex Gets Better With Age

Many physical changes take place as you age, and that can affect your sex life. As the body ages, fat easily develops, fine lines start to appear, the skin becomes wrinkled, and gray hairs become more obvious.

These common changes can give people a poor body image, which makes them less confident about having sex.

Older peopleInside your body, sex hormones are low, which are essential to sexual desire, arousal and orgasm. Fluctuating hormones can also cause psychological problems, which can affect your interest in having sex.

Moreover, chronic illnesses are common in older people. Diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, strokes, depression, arthritis and chronic pain are among the illnesses that can partially or even permanently cripple your sex life.There are a lot of reasons for older people to skip having sex, but don’t you know that far from your beliefs, sex and love is even better with age for many reasons. Read on to find out why.

1. The Distractions Are Gone

No more work-related stress and taking care of little children, which can exhaust your energy, time and emotions. No more just-to get-it over with sex. When you’re older, you’ll have more time for romance and sex with fewer distractions.

No need for muted sex, you can scream all you want, if you don’t mind the neighbors hearing. You don’t have to worry about someone knocking at the door during your sex night.

You can have sex at any time of the day anywhere in the house. Who wouldn’t want that? However, recovering your sex life may not be that easy. First, you need to rebuild the emotional connection lost during your busy years. Again, now is the perfect opportunity to recover what is lost.

2. No Risk Of Getting Pregnant

First and foremost, older people no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. This fact is truly liberating after being haunted by the possibility of bringing another soul into the world with just a single intercourse.

Sex won’t be the same due to your aging bodies, but still it is an enjoyable and satisfying act. However, older people should still practice safe sex, because even if reproduction is out of the line, STDs aren’t, especially if you’re doing it with a new partner.

3. Older People Know What They Want

UnderstandingAs you get older, you become more mindful and understanding what your partner wants. You’re more confident about your body and what it can do. too.

You’re more confident to state your needs, to point out what feels good to you and how you want to be pleasured. As a result, sex is more mutually satisfying and less self-serving.

4. Older People Have A Different View On Sex

IntimaciesAccording to a study by researchers from the University of California participated by 806 sexually active and sexually inactive women over 40 years of age, only three percent of sexually active participants still had a desire for sex  while a majority of the sexually active had sex, not to act out their desires, but to sustain their relationship.

Despite their reasons, the majority of the sexually active participants stated that they are moderately or highly satisfied with their sex lives.

On the other hand, a significant percent of sexually inactive participants reported sexual satisfaction, stating that not only did sexual intercourse gave them satisfaction. Holding, caressing and other forms of intimacies were sexually satisfying, as well. Touching makes you feel connected, and it also brings wonderful memories, including sexual ones.

5. Older Couples Become More Creative

ViagraAging comes with physical changes, such as vaginal dryness and not-so-solid erections. Due to these hampering changes, couples are keen to find new ways to pleasure each other than just focus on intercourse.

Touching, stroking and kissing are among the many other things that not only provide pleasure, but strengthen intimacy and closeness, as well. And, of course, for those who are still active in the bedroom, helpful modern sex aids, like Viagra and lubricants proved to be useful.

6. Older People Learn Contentment

Appreciate moreExperience comes with age, and so does wisdom. One of the reasons why older people are enjoying their sex lives so much is because they have finally come to terms with the fact that there are a lot of things they can’t change. So, they learn to appreciate more and expect less. This realization also applies to sex.

7. Older Women Seek Pleasure, Not Passiveness

Older experienced womanWhen you were younger, you lack knowledge about sexuality and satisfaction. Thus, you are more of a willing sexual partner. But, as you age over the years you learn from every sexual encounter.

You became more aware of your sexuality, your needs and what satisfies you. It is safe to say that as an older experienced woman, you are now a seeking sexual partner far from the willing, silent partner that you were.

8. Orgasm Is Easier With Age

OrgasmWith experience, comes more knowledge about orgasms. The first several times you had sex, you probably were unaware that orgasms even existed.

After learning about them later on, you most likely needed to discover how to achieve orgasm. Every sexual encounter during your younger years was part of the learning process about your sexuality. Now that you’re older, you can apply everything you learned through experience.

According to a study by Dr. Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., achieving orgasm becomes easier with age. She found that 61 percent of the younger women participant between ages 18 and 24 didn’t experienced orgasm the last time they had sexual intercourse, while 70 percent of women in ages 40 to 50 plus experienced orgasm.

9. Older People Are More Understanding

Cherish each otherAfter years of being in the relationship, older people tend to cherish each other, rather than find fault in each other. Thus, there is a strong emotional connection and less strain on the relationship, making it easier for them to become intimate.

Getting old does not mean you should forget about sex. In fact, it’s the perfect time to rebuild your relationship with your partner through intimacy. These nine reasons will tell you why sex and love get better with age.


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