Health and Wellness 9 Ways Your Brain Can Wreak Havoc on Your Sex Life
9 Ways Your Brain Can Wreak Havoc on Your Sex Life

Sometimes it really is all in our heads. Our brains are supposed to help us improve functioning, but unfortunately our brains can wreak havoc in the bedroom. It’s true that your brain is not exactly your sidekick when it comes to getting laid.

Psychology can really work against us in the bedroom in a variety of different ways. While our brain can occasionally help us come up with great ideas to cure cancer, solve a world crisis or operate open-heart surgery, it can also completely ruin our sex lives.

Our brains are constantly playing tricks on us. Medical science continues to research these brain games to help us understand how they affect our sex lives. Let’s look into how you can potentially beat your brain’s games.

1. The Less Clothing, the Less Brain Cells

ClothingStudies have proven that we associate scantily clad dress with idiocy. Sure, she may look sexy in the club, but she is not exactly going to bring you home to perform rocket science, or so we think. The scientific research has shown that whenever someone sees another member of the opposite sex without certain articles of clothing, our brains deem them incompetent in many different ways.

Researchers showed men and women pictures of the same man in different stages of undress. Every time, they were also given his biography, which never changed. As the man became more and more unclothed, the test subjects assumed the person was both stupid and morally incompetent.

ManWhen the man was more scantily clad, test subjects cut him a break. Scientists claim this test displays our empathy for those in scantily clad dress. Perhaps we feel the need to protect them, or perhaps we simply just feel badly for them.

Either way, we do not exactly want to take them home to mom. Read on to learn about something that actually might make women dumber, and it’s not the lack of clothing.

2. Women Can Actually Become Dumber

While wearing less clothing makes someone appear less intelligent, there is actually something that men can do to make women act less intelligent. We are unsure why a man would intentionally do this.

Studies show that whenever men ogle over a woman, she loses her intellectual edge. In a recent study, scientists set up a mock interview with a male interviewer and female interviewees. The man went above and beyond to ogle at these women.

He looked them up and down, he complimented their attire, and he even wrote that they looked impeccable in those jeans on their comments.After this guy laid it on these women thick, they were to complete a series of math problems.

The results showed that the women who received the worst of it from this guy had great difficulties solving the problems.

AshamedScientists claim it is not simply that the women were nervous. The women who were treated disrespectfully by this man acted in other ways that prove women who feel objectified act in interesting, out of character ways.

Women who were given the once over admitted to feeling ashamed by their attire, and they even tried to seek approval from the man who objectified them. Researchers are guessing that this occurs due to the urge to prove that she is more than a mere sex object.

Any gentleman raised correctly knows to never make a woman feel this way. Yet, hopefully the decent men out there will use this fact to stop objectifying women. There is one disconcerting fact, though: he may not be able to stop it.

3. Your Brain Forces You to Objectify Women

So, clearly our brains are just jerks – and not just men, but women, too. Our brains selectively choose to process women differently from men. You see, our brains have two options when looking at an image.

BrainEither the brain processes the image globally, which means that the brain collects details into one single idea. Or, the brain can process items locally, which means that the image is processed in many different parts.

Ideally, humans should be processed globally, meaning the brain helps us to see the entire human being. However, our brain only processes men globally.

In a recent study, test subjects were shown many different pictures of both men and women. The participants were asked to identify people from the pictures using only isolated images of body parts. The results showed that both men and women used a global processing technique when looking at a man. However, they used local processing for women.

Scientists cannot determine the cause of this phenomenon. Perhaps it is a cultural effect, or maybe our brains are really sexist. Regardless of the reason, our brains may be causing us to be quite judgmental.

Your brain can also hinder your performance.

4. Any Negativity Can Completely Ruin Your Chances of Sex

Low sexual functioningAs if a bad day is not enough of a punishment, your brain can actually send signals to your body to inhibit sex when you are feeling down.

Even though sex may be just what the doctor ordered to turn a bad day back around, it is highly unlikely that you will have sex, let alone enjoy it.

Particularly in women, daily stressors can negativity affect sexual functioning. Scientists studied results of online surveys in North America, which asked participants about their daily stressors, depression and sexual functioning.

The findings showed that women experienced low sexual functioning in correlation with daily stress, compared to the men’s responses.

WomenEven though the results indicate that this primarily affects women, scientists claim that daily stressors can screw with everyone’s screwing. Researchers claim that it is the fact that these stressors take your mind out of the moment and that is what ruins sex so effectively. After all, it is not a really sexy thought to think about how you are going to pay your rent.

Basically, stress is what kills your sex drive, and here are more reasons why.

5. Stress Ruins Your Self Image

StressDaily stressors causes your brain to slow metabolism. This slowing of metabolism causes our bodies to feel lazy and potentially gain weight.

Naturally, this weight gain or sluggish feeling can cause us to despise our bodies. Once we do not like our bodies anymore, it becomes difficult to want to have sex. Or, at least to have good sex, anyway.

Low self-image is equivalent to less sex, and less sex equals a really negative sex life. Lack of sex can cause issues in your relationship, and in turn cause even more stress. It is basically a really vicious cycle of bad, bad stuff.

In addition to affecting your body, your brain also sends signals at times of stress that affect your sexual performance.

6. Your Brain Can Crush Your Libido

Lower libidoYou are stressed, possibly feeling a little bloated and not very sexy, but you decide to go for it anyway. If you are anxious or your mind is preoccupied, then your brain may be screwing you yet again.

Your brain tends to send signals that can distort your libido, which will ultimately ruin your chances of feeling horny.

Basically, your body releases cortisol at higher levels if you are feeling stressed. Whenever your bodies is flooded with this hormone, your sex hormones drop. You are left with a lower libido without those important sex hormones.

7. Your Brains Can Ruin Your Performance

PerformancePerhaps you actually make it to having sex, despite these negative emotions. You’ve gotten past any negative self-image issues, and you are feeling sexy. Your brains can still ruin your chances of getting lucky.

We naturally expose ourselves to activities that can help us de-stress in a time of need, and drinking is certainly one of those activities. People everywhere tend to have a few drinks to relax, but this habit can inhibit sexual performance.

It becomes difficult to achieve a firm erection when you have had too much to drink. And women? Women can become dull, less naturally lubricated, and even less likely to orgasm. Now what fun is that?

8. Your Brain Can Come Between You and Your Partner

ruin relationshipsOur brain can ruin our chances of getting into bed, and performing while in bed, but our brains can also utterly ruin our relationships, too.

When we are anxious, it is no secret that we tend to be a little edgy. This attitude is certainly not very sexy, and your partner is sure to sleep on the other side of the bed, or even the couch when you turn into the green-eyed stress monster.

Recurring stress and anxiety leads to lack of sex, which, as we have already established, can ruin relationships.

9. We Saved the Worst for Last

If you are consistently feeling emotionally drained, and you can’t escape from the emotional dumps, then seek professional help. Chances are that a psychiatrist or doctor will prescribe antidepressants, and this is yet another reason our brains screw with our chances of screwing.

AntidepressantsMany antidepressants completely ruin the chances of having sex. More than half of the people taking these medications claim that sexual dysfunction of all different varieties are a side-effect.

Doctors claim that there are alternatives. Thus, if you feel that you need the medication, but you still want to have sex, then talk to your doctor. Perhaps you can decrease the dosage or alter the days that you take the drug.

While we may think that our brains are our friends, they are certainly not helping our relationships and sex lives. However, understanding the different ways our brains affect our sex lives is the first step towards outsmarting your own brain.


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