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9 Ways to Live in the Present and Be Happier

Each of us is in the pursuit of happiness. But, what really makes a person happy? Is it the expensive material things? Is it the achievements? Is it a soaring career? Is it having a near-perfect family and personal relationships? The happiness of a person largely depends on his values.

Live in the nowMost times, people want to accomplish great things to be happy. It is not a bad thing to aim high. However, when you always expect and want too much then get little in return, you will be unsatisfied and unhappy.

According to some psychologists, you’ll discover the key to happiness when you live in the now. Thinking of what could have happened and what will happen makes a person miserable. It distracts the mind and makes them lose focus on what they are doing now.

Learn how to let go of your regrets from the past and your worries for the future. These nine tips will help you live in the present and be happier:

1. Avoid Multitasking If Possible

Multitasking has its advantages for certain jobs, but, in general, it can hurt you and your performance.  Switching from task to task causes stress and makes each task less enjoyable.

Instead of rushing to get everything done all at once, do one thing at a time. Additionally, multi-tasking makes you lose focus, which can affect the quality of your work. Poor results won’t make you happy, right?

2. Focus On A Single Task

Focus On A Single TaskAs you do one thing a time, do each task gradually and deliberately. With so many things to accomplish and with so little time, it’s difficult to slow down. But, rushing can also make you lose focus.

When you aren’t focused, you commit mistakes, it can also affect the quality of your work. Take deep breaths and focus your mind on a certain task. You’ll get less stressed and far better results.

3. Do One Thing At A Time

To-do listDon’t crowd your mind with the list of things you have to do for the day. You’ll feel stressed out and tired before you can even start on the first task. Write down a to-do list and prioritize everything on it.

The most important things should be on top, the less important things in the middle and the unnecessary things at the bottom.

The most important things are the things you need to do as soon as possible. If you’re running out of time, let go of the less important and unnecessary things. They can wait until tomorrow. As you complete an item, cross it off your list. The action of crossing an item off will give you a sense of accomplishment, which will help you focus better.

4. Provide A Time Allowance To Your Schedule

BreakTake a few minutes for a rest break in between each task. Let your mind relax and regain focus, so you’ll feel more energized and refreshed to take on another challenge.

Again, less stress and better results will make you happy. If you are instigating a timetable for your activities, allocate a 15-minute space in between each activity, so you won’t easily get frustrated and stressed out if a task takes much longer to finish.

5. Enjoy A Moment Of Peace For Five Minutes

PeaceAfter a long day at work or with the kids, allow yourself to do nothing for five minutes. Just sit in a corner, do nothing, think about nothing, be aware of what’s around you and do not let distractions intrude your five minutes of silence and peace.

6. Live For Today

It’s hard to forget the past and not worry about the future, but always remember that no matter how regretful you are of what’s behind you, or anxious of what’s ahead, that will change nothing. It will only make your present unhappy, and it will add to the things you’ll regret in the future. Live in the moment and do your best each day.

live for todayFocusing on the present is not a piece of cake. Negative thoughts will keep coming back to haunt you. The best thing to do is keep a list of quotes to remind you to live for today. Here are some of the famous quotes to keep you going:

  • How foolish is a man! He ruins the present while worrying about the future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past!” – byAli Ibn AbiTalib.
  • “Worrying is stupid. It’s like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain.” – by Wiz Khalifa.

7. Be Mindful During Conversations

ListenHow many times have you spent your time with a loved one, yet your mind keeps drifting away to the things you have to do? Do you actually listen and understand when a friend or family talks to you? And instead of doing so, do you focus more on what you have to say next?

When you are in a conversation, try to lend your earsfully. Listen and understand. Be mindful.

8. Eat Slowly And Enjoy Your Food

Enjoy Your FoodWhen you’re late for work, you may gobble down a sandwich while you’re sitting stuck in traffic. When you have tons of paperwork to do, you rush lunch.

And when you get home, you’d rather sleep and eat your dinner fast. Most of the time, you eat with your mind full of the things you have to do next.

Eating is also a good way to exercise mindfulness. How will you enjoy a flavorful meal if it goes by so fast? Sit down, let the aroma send a delicious message to your brain, chew slowly and savor each bite. Chewing slowly also aids in better digestion.

9. Learn To Love What You Do

Love What You DoIf you see every single thing in life as a task that you need to do, then you’ll go through each day with a heavy heart. If you hate your work, remember, it puts food on your plate and pays the bills. Learn to love it, or start taking steps towards a new career. Even a new hobby can help lift your spirits. Do something you love to do.

If you hate cooking, remember you’re feeding yourself and your family. Learn to love it. If you hate cleaning, remember your health and your family’s health will be at risk and not anyone else’s. Learn to love it.

Appreciate life and find ways to make things better. Play your favorite music or listen to an audiobook while you cook. Put on your favorite TV show while you clean or fold the laundry. Once you learn to love doing these things, life will be so much easier and happier.

You don’t need material things to be happy. You don’t have to be a high achiever to be happy. All you need is to live in the moment and appreciate the simple things. After all, there’s always someone with more problems and worse situation than yours.


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