• Relationships
    8 Situational Sex Positions for Every Woman

    Did you know that different sex positions can improve your sexual experience in different situations? Sex positions offer varying levels of pleasure, and certain sex positions can help you resolve bedroom problems. Whether it’s chronic pain, confidence issues, size issues and wanting to get pregnant, you can try out new positions that are comfortable and […]

  • Relationships
    8 Shocking Ways Anger Can Destroy Your Life

    Every day, we face challenges and situations that trigger emotions, happiness, joy, sadness and most times, anger. When caught in traffic and running late for work, you curse at the other drivers. When someone cuts you off on the road, you curse at them, too. When you find out a close friend is talking behind […]

  • Moods & Hormones
    7 Ways Women Can Avoid Feeling Bad for Saying No

    Women find it hard to say no. As simple as the two-letter word looks and sounds, women find it difficult to blurt them out. Why? It is because women want to please everyone, if possible. And, they hate disappointing the people around them. If you are one of these women, you should know that not […]

  • Relationships
    7 Perfect Ways to Fix a Broken Relationship

    It is easy to start a relationship, but difficult to make it last. Breakups can occur for several reasons, and it’s more painful if the reasons are lies and deceits. When the trust is broken, it is hard just to forgive and forget, and then move on like nothing happened. But, despite the pain and […]

  • Relationships
    6 Winning Things to Do When He’s Lost That Loving Feeling

    After being together for long, romance and emotional attraction can fade away. Either one, or both of you grew too comfortable with each other, so that you don’t exert extra effort to fan the flames anymore. Or, due to the demands of your careers and family, you lack the time and energy to be inventive […]

  • Health and Wellness
    4 Truths Women Should Know About the Risks of HRT

    During perimenopause and menopause, hormones fluctuate, creating psychological and physical changes in the body. Women will have mood swings and lose their tempers quickly. Physically, they will experience vaginal dryness, fatigue, night sweats and hot flashes. These symptoms can occur anytime and anywhere, which can become embarrassing and if they occur at night, they can […]