People have different skin types, varying from dry to excessively oily. Depending on the skin type, the moisturizer also differs significantly. Some might feel that people with oily skin have overactive sebaceous glands, which are producing enough sebum to keep their skin moisturized, but the truth is, individuals with oily skin should use the best skin moisturizers to suit their skin type, as excess oil can lead to acne breakouts.

In this article, there is a list of the best moisturizers for all skin types, and even light ones specifically for oily skin. You will find the best skin care products with less chemical constitution, which can suit those with sensitive skin, too.

People with sensitive skin are scared to buy any skin care product, and they resort to reviews and testimonials for help. Here, you will learn about several products that you can use to stay away from flare ups and eczema, while getting the best hydration. 

1. Best Face Moisturizer: La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Daily Soothing Oil

People with dry skin caPeople with dry skinnnot miss a single day of creamy hydration, or else it could leave their skin flaky and itchy. At the same time, people with excessively oily skin face issues of greasiness and breakouts due to oil accumulation. The right moisturizer treatment can be useful in keeping your oil levels under control.

Sometimes, flaky skin requires hydration twice per day, while oily skin needs less hydration. People with oily skin use drying products, such as oil control cleansers, which reactivate the sebaceous glands, and trigger the production of more oil to balance the dryness. Experts recommend light moisturizers for oily skin to prevent breakouts and keep the oil balance in control.

People with combination skin are mostly at risk of acne breakouts, as their skin behaves differently at times. Finding a neutral moisturizer is a big hassle. La Roche Posay Fluide is the best face moisturizer for combination skin or those with a troubled skin type.

There are no chemical fragrances added to it, and it is thus safe for use by people with sensitive skin. The product is priced at approximately $30 for 1.35 fluid ounces, but the best feature is that it is free of chemicals that may cause irritation to the skin.

Those having oily skin need a perfect solution to wage their battle with acne and such kinds of chemical free neutralizing formulas are the most effective. It is best when used along with La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel. Being a light formula, it seeps into the skin easily without giving a greasy look, while doing its job perfectly.

2. One of the Popular Facial Moisturizers: Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

It has healing properties and even works to prevent the appearance of scars. It is not just one of the effective facial moisturizers, but you can also apply it on the rest of your body and lips. It is like an instant moisturizer and works well for intensely dry and flaky skin. Along with its rejuvenating properties, it works like a charm.

Some people have even had positive experiences when using this best natural skin moisturizer on rosacea prone skin. It is also effective for sensitive skin and gives best result when used with Avene Thermal Spring Water. You can use it twice daily. It is available at around $28 for 400 milliliters.

With its antibacterial property, the product is also best for acne prone skin and has the power to cure the acne over a week, and can even eliminate any scars. It has a zero comedogenic value and is free of fragrance, preservative and colorant.

3. Best Skin Moisturizer For Body: Origins VitaZing Moisturizer

moisturizerSometimes you will be looking for the moisturizer with that slight tint. Origins VitaZing Moisturizer comes with a good SPF factor of 15 and is available at about $35. It contains tiny beads that imparts tint to the skin on application. The tint suits all skin tones.

It is not a liquid formula, so a small quantity will be enough to cover your whole face. It also contains a bit of foundation, which can help you to conceal the light spots and lines. Being a creamy moisturizer, there is no risk of giving a greasy look to the face and works well, even for people with combination skin.

4. One of the Therapeutic and Best Moisturizers: Bioelements Beyond Hydration

About 95 percent of the online reviews about this are positive, and only a few users found small issues with the Bioelements Beyond Hydration face moisturizer. As the name suggests, it does more than just providing hydration as it is the perfect formula for oily skin. Being lightweight, a small amount will make its way deep into the dermis layer. This prevents the overproduction of oil by the natural system of the body.

Most moisturizers add extra oil to the skin, and make it look rather greasy. Excess oil attracts more grime and bacteria, thus leading to breakouts. Bioelements Beyond Hydration is one of those best moisturizers that work on oily skin by reducing the oil production due to its effective absorbability.

5. Natural and Best Skin Moisturizer: Skinception Argan Oil

Organic products which manufacturers derive directly from nature have become highly popular in recent times. Long ago, getting a bottle of argan oil was difficult and there were fakes easily available at low prices. Skinception Argan oil is the best skin moisturizer for oily skin because it uses the age old manual technique of Argan oil production, which retains the properties of the oil.

Moroccan women over time have used this beauty formula to keep themselves young and beautiful. It is popularly known as “Liquid Gold,” because it has value as much as gold. It is light and has a high penetrating capacity, which does not clog the pores. It has intense healing properties, which help to get rid of acne scars and other scars from the face. It improves the elasticity and moisture of the skin, while making it glow.

The antioxidant and vitamin E elements act like barriers protecting from pollutants. It also works as the best skin moisturizer for men, as well as best skin moisturizer for psoriasis.

6. Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer: Best for Oily Skin

Oily SkinDue to the harsh weather conditions, the face becomes itchy after applying foundation. Applying a layer of Kate Somerville oil free moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated, even when you have to cover up with layers of makeup.

The packaging may seem rather small, with 1.7 fluid ounces priced at about $65; but you can use it for about three months. Some people feel that oil free moisturizer is only for oily skin. But this one works well on normal, dry skin as well.

The creamy composition does not add grease to the face. So, you can flaunt your perfect smooth face without looking like oil can.

7. Shiseido Bio-performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Keeps Your Skin Hydrated

The pricing of Shiseido Bio-performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Whitening Cream is on the higher end with a price tag of approximately $75 for about two ounces of the product, in an exquisite packaging.

The best part is that it sinks right in on application, and penetrates deep into the skin. The product contains a whitening formula, which helps to make your face brighten over usage. It is a powerful anti-aging formula, which helps to relieve the skin of fine lines caused by dry skin.

8. Best Moisturizing Cream: Paula’s Choice Skin Reco Replenishing Moisturizer

Paula’s Choice has a wide range of skin care products, which are accepted and celebrated by the customers for its unique quality. Manufacturers have cautiously selected each element in the formula to serve individual purposes. It has licorice extract, which does the anti-inflammatory and skin lightening job. Panthenol is the light carrier which penetrates the skin and plumps it up.

There are also calming constituents like primrose oil, chamomile and aloe juice. Vitamin C is a well-accepted component in the best moisturizing creams, as it is a highly potent antioxidant. It also whitens the skin, promotes collagen production and rejuvenates the skin.

Being a light cream with mild formulation, you can even use it in the eye area. So, you can probably bid adieu to your eye cream and reduce the clutter in the cabinet. The price is also comparatively reasonable at approximately $28 for 60 milliliters.

9. Borghese Cura Di Vita Protettivo Protective Face Moisturizer

sunscreenLike most other face moisturizers this one is also light and provides ultimate hydration to the skin. With a moisturizer that doubles up as a sunscreen, you can easily apply it on even when you are out in the sun without having to stock a good quality sunscreen cream. It has a wide spectrum activity proving effective on UVA and UVB rays.

Consumers have reviewed that the product is so light that, after applying, you do not feel that you have moisturized the face as the skin quickly absorb it. It also contains vitamin C and E, which provide the anti-aging action which makes it one of the best skin moisturizer against premature aging. Use the moisturizer daily after the toner to get visible result in just about a week.

10. Mario Badescu Skin Care Moisturizer For Your Gorgeous Skin

It is an emollient, and contains AHA and Ceramide. There are no artificial fragrances used and has a mild smell due to the essential oils, lemon extract and aloe contained in it. But, the drawback is that it does provide sun protection. You can use is along with a sunscreen cream or use it as a rejuvenating night cream. The product provides relief from sun burns and pigmentations.

People with an oily T-zone recommended the product, as it moisturizes the dry areas and deeply hydrates the oily zones preventing greasiness. The pricing is rather affordable with the two-ounce bottle priced at around $20.

11. One of the Best Facial Moisturizers: Clinique Superdefense Moisturizer

With a sun protection factor (SPF) of 20, it is one of the best facial moisturizers that you can wear in the sun. Manufacturers have formulated it with super defense components, which provide protection throughout the day.

The cream is rather thick and stays on all day. But, the only issue that has put it down in the list of best face moisturizers is that it is not completely oil free. Some people may have to top it with a matte powder.

With its anti-oxidant action, it works best for premature aging skin which shows signs of fine lines. The barrier action of the Clinique Superdefense moisturizer also acts as a   barrier against other irritants. The product comes in two variations, for dry skin and oily skin separately. So, make sure that you know your skin type before purchasing it.

12. One of the Popular Face Moisturizers: Clarins HydraQuench Cream

eliminate the fine linesSeveral users have reviewed the product, and according to them it is completely worth the price tag. It can be used for normal to dry skin, and works more like a balancing cream rather than a mere moisturizer. It regulates the oil level of the skin. Clarins is one of the popular brands of beauty and skin care product.

Even customers,  who are older than 40 and   face severe dryness issues, have reported to have experienced healing results with Clarins HydraQuench Cream. It contains Katafray bark, which is the extra potential element. It provides sufficient hydration and also protects the skin from irritants.

It is non-clogging and plumps up the skin to cover up, and gradually eliminate the fine lines. It works wonders on the skin when used with HydraQuench Serum and Mask. Experts recommend it for aging women, and for those with sensitive skin.

You might feel that the product creators have overpriced it at around $50 for 1.7 ounces, but if you are looking for a perfect solution for your prematurely aging skin, then your search for the best face cream ends with this Clarins product.

13. Best Face Moisturizer That Works Wonders: Avalon Organics Intense Defense Renewal Cream

As the product name implies, the main job of this skin cream is to renew damaged skin without adding any chemicals to the skin. The addition of vitamin C is the one responsible for the renewal action and directs itself on the problematic regions of the face.

It helps to fade the sun spots, plumps the fine lines and eases the wrinkles. The vitamin content also aids in collagen and elastin manufacturing, and thus improves the suppleness and stretch-ability of the skin. This is the best for people with sensitive skin who cannot even bear a single chemical on their face. Avalon Organic Defense Cream does not contain any parabens, phthalates, fragrances or colors.

White tea, lemon extract and other constituents work as anti-oxidants, which help the skin in its renewal job. The best part is that a pure organic product is made available at an affordable price of around $11 for one ounce.

14. Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Cream: An Effective Solution for Dull Skin

Effective SolutionThe X factor of Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Cream is that it contains a unique Amino-Peptide Complex that acts like a carrier, delivering the components of the cream to about 10 layers into the skin surface.

Most of the moisturizing creams and other facial formulas fail to make a long lasting impact on the skin due to its superficial action on the skin surface. The skin pores are minute, and only certain molecules can reach into the dermis layer to bring about deep moisturization and protection.

The peptide also aids in the production of collagen. Vitamin E is the regenerating agent along with Pro-Vitamin B5. This increases the regeneration of the skin cells on the surface, and is therefore the best formula for aging skin.

Being a creamy formula is also the best body moisturizer for dry skin. The price is also in the reasonable side at about $23 for 1.7 ounces. For oily skin or combination skin, try to use a sample before buying the product, as there have been reviews of people who suffered breakouts.

15. Handy and Best Body Moisturizer: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

It is a creamy luxury crème. It has a mild fragrance, which soothes the mind in the morning before you start your hectic day schedule. Users have voted the product several times as the Best Luxury Anti-Aging Cream by New Beauty Magazine.

Other than adding in some exotic oils to the skin, it has healing ingredient that work to improve the elasticity of the skin. It aids in the collagen and elastin production process and thus firms the skin. Using the product right before the appearance of fine lines can that you look young in flawless skin for a longer time, till you truly age.

Users have not reported of a breakout while using this crème on oily skin, as the formula is non-comedogenic and highly exfoliating. Overnight application of the moisturizer can give you a fresh and supple skin in the morning.

Use it with a good serum of liquid lift solution. Just be prepared to meet the price, which is approximately $250 for a bottle of 1.7 ounces. After all, luxury comes at a great price.

16. Best Facial Moisturizer: Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid

best priceEven though there are many people who buy the most expensive product, most the users look for the best facial moisturizer which suits their skin type, and is available at the best price. This is especially true when you are buying a product for daily use, as you do not want to end up spending a fortune on your daily beauty care regimen. It is for this reason why Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid in the list of best skin moisturizer brands. You can get a four ounce bottle for just about $9.

The notable drawbacks are its strong smell and lack of sun protection. It has a classic formula, and the manufacturers have probably kept the formula intact without adding in SPF agents. You can probably ask your mother or aunt about the product, and they will tell you how it has kept them looking young and hydrated all through these years.

17. Natural and Healing: The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Day Cream

It is a matte finish cream, which makes it favorable for excessively oily skin. This is also makes it a healing moisturizing primer, which even out the skin and control the oil level on the skin before applying makeup. The price is about $15 for 1.7 ounces, and the bottle will last for about a year making it highly reasonably priced product.

The matte effect also makes it suitable for combination skin. It has naturally occurring ingredients, which manufacturers have harvested from the wild.  However, it does not have an SPF factor and therefore you cannot use it as sunscreen.

By taking a look at the list of the best moisturizers, you can decide which product you need to use. The information about these skin moisturizers will help you make the right choice to suit your skin type and texture. You should select the product, according to your skin type.

There are other things that you should consider while making your selection. If you like to take long strolls in the sun, then you can look for those products which can double up as a sunscreen and a moisturizer. Make sure that you are not duped by the price. Natural and healing products even come at lowest prices.

Your best skin moisturizer needs to have the essentials that encourage the growth of collagen and elastin. These are two vital protein elements within your body that help to keep your skin firm and young.


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