Health and Wellness For Family Caregivers: 8 Ways to Take Care of You
For Family Caregivers: 8 Ways to Take Care of You

Many of us have the tendency to put others before ourselves. Mothers especially tend to do everything they can to help their children, husbands and families. But, when do they find time for themselves? Whether you are a working mother who leaves each day to go to work or you stay at home, there has to be time during the day for you.

It can be difficult to put our needs before our family’s. However, it is necessary. In order for us to be at our best, we have to be healthy both physically and emotionally.

Here is our list of ways to keep yourself healthy while multitasking and taking care of everyone in your family.

1. Try Not To Take It All On At Once

ListThe first step towards becoming a levelheaded and sane caregiver is to be reasonable. You may feel as though the weight of your family is on your shoulders. But, you cannot possibly bear that burden yourself and remain healthy.

Instead, be reasonable about your workload. Create a list of all your responsibilities. And, make sure that you have time for them. Making a chart is a great way to ensure that you have enough time available. Seeing the visual of the chart will help you understand just how much you are doing.

Once you have a list and chart mapped out, prioritize everything that you need to do. Remember that you leave the menial tasks for last, as they can more than likely wait until you have time. Better yet, have a list of these menial tasks on the side of your chart for those days when you have a few extra minutes.

2. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

HelpMore than likely, when you make the list of everything that you have to do, you will feel a bit overwhelmed. The responsibilities of being a caretaker can add up to more than many people realize. And, sometimes it will not be realistic for you to handle it all on your own.

That is why it is imperative for you to ask for help. At first, it may appear as if you are a martyr or being weak if you ask for help. However, it will ensure your health and sanity if you have a few helping hands.

If your profession appears to be getting in the way, then perhaps you could ask your boss for a way around your schedule. For example, if it is a mad dash every day to work because you have to get everyone ready, then ask your boss if you can come in an extra 20 minutes later. You may be surprised how understanding employers can be.

Perhaps it is the homestead where many of your overwhelming thoughts occur. If this is the case, then you absolutely must ask your family members for help. Start at the top and ask your spouse, if possible, for their help in any way, shape or form. Maybe your spouse can take on some of the chores themselves. If not, then your children should definitely help you.

There is no need for you to take on all of the workload yourself. Ask for help, and never feel ashamed. Remember that you are doing so much for so many. And, if everyone wants to continue to rely on you, then you need to be at your best.

3. Receive Adequate Sleep

SleepIn order to perform at your best, you need adequate sleep. Sometimes it may seem acceptable to pull an all-nighter here or there. But, the lack of sleep eventually catches up with you.

Our bodies function like a bank when it comes to sleep. Time lost is taken out of the bank as a loan, so to speak, and you need to pay it back with interest. If you lose an hour of sleep here and there, then you will eventually crash from the sleep lost.

Not only will you eventually crash. But, you will immediately suffer from other symptoms such as memory loss, fatigue and irritability.

It might seem difficult, but try to receive the proper amount of sleep. Studies are proving that six to seven hours is adequate enough. So, ensure you are receiving at least that much. While a routine is optimal, it is also acceptable to sleep in a tiny bit if you have a late night, which is if those under your care can still function.

If sleeping in is not an option, then remember that naps are great. Studies have proven that 15 to 20 minutes is the perfect catnap. And, anything longer will actually make you feel more tired. So rest up. Your family is depending on it.

4. Take A Nourishing Bit

Green teaIn addition to adequate rest, you can also change your diet to feel better and have plenty of energy for all of your tasks. Sometimes it may feel easier to go with a quick meal of fast food.

But, chances are that you do not feel your best after eating this type of food, with all the salt, fat and sugar it contains. You might feel bloated, fatigued, and even ill, all of which is definitely not going to help you feel healthy while you take care of your family.

Some easy ways to eat healthier include drinking more green tea. Studies show that green tea helps rejuvenate, energize and speed up metabolism. Sipping on green tea while you work all day can help you feel healthier.

Drinking enough water is also pertinent for feeling great. Often times, many of our cumbersome symptoms are a direct result of dehydration. Headaches, stomach pains, and fatigue can all be symptoms of dehydration. Try to drink six to eightglasses of water per day, and we guarantee you will feel great.

In addition to drinking water and green tea, you should also include as many fruits and vegetables in your diet as possible. A well-balanced diet will keep you full of energy and optimism as you take care of your family throughout the day.

5. Take Five Minutes Every Day

MeditationIt is of the utmost importance for you to take five minutes for yourself every single day. The minute you wake up is the prime time to sit for five minutes in silence and simply breathe. This mini-moment of meditation can help relax and prepare you for your busy day ahead.

Also, as a part of the five-minute rule, you should have a five-minute plan. If you are taking care of multiple children or family members, then you will definitely become frustrated throughout the day. Having a five-minute plan for what you can do when you reach your breaking point can help everyone out in that moment of despair.

Perhaps it is finding somewhere in the house that you can sit alone for a minute, or if possible going for a brief walk. Following through with this five minute plan can be a lifesaver when you are having a moment of weakness while taking care of your family.

6. Fit Exercise In Where You Can

WalkRemaining fit can also help ensure that you are at your optimal health for your family. Some of you may be shaking your heads at the thought of this. So, it is our recommendation to fit in the exercise whenever you can. Believe it or not, exercise can happen in places that you may not even realize.

For example, park further away from the grocery store. This way, you are walking more to the store and pushing the cart a little further. Sure, it takes a little more time to walk, but, it will help keep you in shape.

Also, you can simply choose to walk instead of drive altogether whenever possible. Perhaps instead of the grocery store, you only need milk or other simple ingredients. Often times, these can be found at a store right around the corner. If this is the case then choose to walk for a healthier option.

We guarantee you will love the way you feel if you build in time to exercise a little bit.

Make up7. Still Dress Up To Feel And Look Pretty

You will also love the way you feel if you take the time to care about your looks. If you work from home, then it is tempting to stay in your pajamas all day. But, this does not help you feel alive and healthy.

Instead, take a shower and do whatever it is that helps make you feel pretty. Perhaps it is putting on some make up, blow drying and styling your hair, or dressing up. We are not saying that you need to put on the platform heels, but wearing your favorite clothing can definitely help keep your spirits up.

8. Have A Support Group

If you are inside your home all day long, then it may be difficult to socialize or keep in touch with friends. However, it is pertinent that you take time to do this.

Make time to call your friends or family. Also, you should make your family understand the importance of getting out of the house once in a while.

Help build up a support group for yourself that includes precious family and friends. You will definitely need to rely on this support group from time to time, and they will be happy to help you.

We hope that this list has given you some ideas as to how you can make more time for yourself and take adequate are of body, mind and spirit. If you truly care for your family then it is in their best interest for you to be at the pinnacle of your health. Keep this in mind the next time you feel guilty or overwhelmed. Stay healthy.


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