Relationships How to Get a Guy to Like You in 15 Quick and Easy Steps
How to Get a Guy to Like You in 15 Quick and Easy Steps

You can say that guys can be complicated, especially when they want to be, or when you simply don’t know them at all. No matter how complicated they get, the challenge of how to get a guy to like you should never be impossible. Just like women, there are ways to get a guy’s attention and affection without having to make any drastic changes to your true self or getting a new group of friends.

How to Get Guys to Like You: Tried and True Steps That Take Complicated Out of the Equation

It doesn’t matter if you’re wondering about how to get a guy to notice you or how to get a guy to want you. Either way, the first thing you have to do is to get his attention. When you have that, you will be in control. From here, you can now figure you out how far you want your relationship with him to go. If everything works out, you may not even have to wonder about how to get a guy to kiss you.

Here are some easy steps to getting a guy to look your way and more:

attention1. Grab his attention. For anything to happen between you and this guy you’ve got your eyes on, you have to learn to take command of his attention. The way to do this is by showing him your best self.

To determine if you’re doing this, take a short how to get a guy to like you quiz in your head. Are you dressed well? Do you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing? Do you smell great? Are you feeling confident? Are you feeling optimistic? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then getting a guy to look your way should not be a problem at all.

To get his attention, you don’t really have to do much. So long as you’re feeling like you’re showing off your best self, there is a good chance that he and even other guys in the room will probably take notice. Just remember to put yourself with his line of sight. Especially when it’s at a crowded bar, don’t expect to give you any attention if you went to the back of the room while he and his friends are out having a beer in the front.

2. Flash him a smile. Nothing gets to a guy much easier than a sweet, radiant smile. We’re not talking about the big grin that you do when you try to please your parents. We’re talking about the kind of smile that’s slightly mysterious so that he would be drawn to you. You want a smile that is able to hi without you having to mouth it out.

If you have never met this guy before, you want to draw him towards you more than just once in one night. Flash him a quick smile from time to time, but do not do it too frequently. Mingle with your friends. Show him you’re having a good time. If you find your eyes meeting his throughout the evening, you know your smile worked.

flawless3. Take the time to show yourself off. It doesn’t matter if this guy is the sweet kind or someone who is slightly naughty. All men are first drawn in by what they see outside. You have had your eyes on this guy for some time now. It’s about time he starts eyeing you, too.

Put on clothes that make you look good and feel good. It doesn’t have to be something strappy and tight. For you to feel confident, you have to be great with what you have on so put on something nice without looking like a completely different person.

When it comes to make up, don’t overdo it. Just add little touches to your face the way you normally do every day. Make it a point to keep your skin flawless. One of the easiest ways to do it is by taking the Phyto350 skin supplement that helps strengthen your skin, so that you don’t have to worry about wrinkles or fine lines.

Another thing you have to keep in mind when looking good is your personal hygiene. Keep your teeth healthy and make sure that you smell nice and fresh before you even head out to the bar to see your dream guy. Remember, it’s all about making sure that you look and feel good in every single way that matters.

4. Even when he’s looking, don’t give him your attention. Believe it or not, the trick to getting a guy to come over to talk to you and ask you out is not give him any attention before he makes a move. You can call this step playing hard to get.

Remember, you don’t want to look desperate for him. You already gave him a smile so he knows that at the least, you noticed him. Now that you’ve got his attention, he is drawn to the challenge of having you look at him some more.

At this point, he is trying to figure out what he wants to do about you next. If you give him too much attention, he might think you’re too available. That can easily turn him off. If you make your moves right and just flash him a smile when your eyes meet though, that might just make him want to get to know you more.

friends5. Have fun with your friends. One of the most common mistakes women make when it comes to winning a guy over is they get distracted by the man enough so that they’re no longer having a good time with their own friends. To a man who is watching what you’re doing from afar, this easily shows. This can be quite the turn off.

If you want to help your case and show yourself off well, the best way to do this is to show him how you are when you’re having a good time. A fun person is more attractive than someone who appears miserable. It’s someone he would be interested to get a know a lot more. A woman who knows how to have someone is also someone a guy would most likely want to go out with.

6. Make yourself approachable. No matter how likeable you are or how attractive you appear to man, it will mean nothing if you don’t appear to be approachable. This is where your body language plays a crucial role. It has to say that you are definitely confident and ready for him to come over to you.

To do this, meet his eyes for a few seconds. During this moment, just hold his attention and not look at anything or anyone else around you. While you’re doing this, try not to refocus your attention on your friends. Avoid checking your phone frequently, as well. Doing these can make a guy think that you are not all interested in getting to know him.

When you’re looking approachable, always remember that you also have to look confident about the idea of finally being able to talk with him.  The challenge here is not how to get a guy to like you over a text message from afar, but with the right body language at that time and in that place.

Sit up straight and avoid slouching. Don’t cross your arms, because that will make you look like you’re on the defensive. Do your best to not appear nervous. Don’t fidget with anything you’ve got on, whether it’s the lining in your blouse or a piece of your jewelry.

Relax, having him come over to you should be fun.

talk7. Talk to him and work on getting to know each other. He has finally come over to talk to you. You have finally exchanged names and now, he is seated at your table, looking into your eyes and telling you about himself. It might be easy to get lost in his eyes at the moment, but you have to remember to pay attention to what he’s talking to you about.

A man likes a good listener, and not because he may need a therapist. Rather, they want to be with or around a woman who gets them and whatever they find interest in. To be clear, you don’t have to like anything he likes as much as he does. When it comes to things he is interested in, you have to show respect for them, as much as he shows respect for things that you are into.

8. Give him a hint that you are available. You two are finally talking to each other. You have even started meeting up for coffee from time to time. There is nothing serious between the two of you, but you get the feeling that your relationship can definitely progress to something more affectionate, even intimate.

Perhaps, the only thing that’s holding him back is that he thinks you might be seeing someone else. In this case, you have got to be able to know that you are available without looking too desperate to be anyone’s date.

You have to play it subtle. Depending on the kind of guy you have been actually seeing, he may also appreciate it if you tell him you’re single in some surprising ways.

You can casually tell him that your single should the topic come up in one of your conversations. Just be sure not to follow this line up with things like you’ve been too busy with your career lately that’s why you haven’t been with anyone for some time now. This might just keep him from ever asking you out.

The rule here is to casually let him know you’re not seeing anyone and don’t say anything else. If he is suddenly asking you for the reason why you haven’t been seeing anyone, just say that you have not met anyone you would want to go out with before. If he takes this opportunity to ask if you would consider going out with him, then you know your relationship is definitely going somewhere.

If you want to try a more surprising method of letting him know you’re available and even interested in going out with him, all you have to do is to ask a little help from some of your common friends. Let them know that you really like this guy and how much you would love to be asked out by him. If this plan works well, your friends will end up telling the guy what you said and you will get asked out in no time.

doing activities9. Do fun things together. The best way to stir your relationship with this guy forward to keep doing activities together. Do something that each of you enjoy together. This way, you both get to show each other a bit more of your personal world.

Don’t be shy and explain to him why you like what you like. You will find that he will do the same, which will result in the development of a real deep connection between the two of you. That’s a great start to any relationship.

10. Avoid the friend zone. Don’t be overly-casual around him. Even if the two of you will just be meeting up for coffee, make sure to look nicely put together. Put in the same effort into your looks as you did when you were still just trying to get his attention. This is critically important if you don’t want to end up in his friend zone.

11. Flirt with him slightly. This is the time to turn your flirting game on especially when there are a lot of moments when the two of you are away from the rest of your friends. You might want to remember that flirting with him at this stage in your relationship will keep you from being put into the friend zone.

The key here is to be subtle. Look into his eyes when you are talking to each other. Laugh at his jokes. Give him some compliments. Touch him a little on the knee or run your fingers around his hands. Do this all while smiling at him. He’ll get the hint.

affection12. Give him some affection. Show him that when you’re in a room full of other people together, your attention still only belongs to him. Make him feel that he matters a lot to you. Make him know that you care about him deeply.

13. Do something special for him. Surprise him with something he’s told he’s really wanted for his birthday. Arrange him a surprise party. You can also do other sweet things like cooking him his favorite meal or getting tickets to his favorite game for the two of you to watch.

14. Ask him out. Sometimes, you just have to make the first move. Be upfront with him and ask him to go out on a date with you. He might be surprised by this, but he will like it. He might even become more taken by you.

15. Get physical with him. This is the time to turn the heat up. Show him your sexy side. If it feels right, bring your relationship to the bedroom. Just don’t rush things toward this moment. Don’t force it. You want to be able to enjoy physical intimacy with him.

How to Make a Guy Like You: Traits That Attract Him Every Single Time

Believe or not, there are also some qualities in a woman that a man simply finds attractive. These are traits they look for in a woman they would like to go out with or even have an intimate relationship with. Here are some that guys readily take notice:

laugh1. Humor – Every guy cannot resist a woman who enjoys having a laugh from time to time. Life should not be taken too seriously all the time. Men enjoy watching a woman get cracked up by their jokes. It establishes a connection between a man and woman without forcing them to become more intimate. Besides, humor makes trying to win a woman over less awkward.

2. Spontaneity – Any guy is pleasantly surprised by a woman is willing to break from her routine or schedule once in a while to do something unexpected or fun. Some of the best things in life come unplanned and a man wants to make sure there is a bit of room in your life for these. Better yet, he prefers a woman who can experience the unexpected with him.

3. Intelligence – You may find it hard to believe, but the challenge of how to make a guy like you is as much about what they see on the outside as it is what draws them in mentally. When they’re engaging in a discussion with a woman they are interested in, men want their heads to be stimulated.

They are not just on a search for a pretty face. Especially when they want someone to be in a relationship with, they want someone they can enjoy talking to.

4. Modesty – You may be everything they have been looking for in a woman and more, but men will certainly not ask you out if you are not being modest about how awesome you are. Bragging a little bit during conversations that warrant it may seem cute, but talking non-stop about yourself can bore a man and drive him further and further away from you.

Never call too much attention to yourself. This is important if you’re wondering about how to get a guy to ask you out.

driven5. Drive – Guys tend to prefer a woman who is driven to find success in whatever endeavor she has chosen, whether it be her own business or her job. They appreciate a woman who know what wants for herself and goes after it with passion. This, in turn, inspires them to work hard on achieving success too so that you can also see them as an ideal partner.

6. Maturity – When men look for a woman to go out with now, they are looking for someone who doesn’t act childish. They also most certainly don’t like one who is quite gullible. This is why they prefer a woman who has a richer experience in life, someone who has been through challenges and came out stronger on the other side. They don’t just admire this – they also respect it.

7. Honesty – Of course, you don’t have to tell a guy everything there is to know about you on the first date. A little bit of mystery keeps dating interesting after all. When you are a dating woman who happens to have a child from a previous relationship or marriage; however, it helps to be upfront about it when you have just started seeing a man. Guys appreciate honesty, because it shows you respect them enough to tell them the truth about your situation.

8. Independence – Sure, every guy likes it when you make them feel needed and wanted. What they would also like is for you not to have your arms wrapped around them all the time. Even when they are already seeing someone, men would still want some time to hang out with their friends and do activities with them.

Usually, women who insist on joining a man and his buddies come off as clingy. In the end, a guy may consider distancing himself from you for a while or breaking things off with you for good.

9. Confidence – Nothing intrigues and attracts every man more than a woman with confidence in herself. They like a woman who sets a high standard for herself and knows exactly what she can do. To any man, a confident woman is definitely sexy.

You may not know it yet, but the challenge of how to get a guy to like you is not as impossible as you may think. Follow these quick and easy steps and keep in mind the traits that typically attract a guy to a woman. Before you know it, that guy you’ve been eyeing on will be turning your way. When he does, it may not just be simple attraction he is feeling for you. It might just be love.


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