Relationships Libido Crushers: 7 Symptoms of Being Too Stressed for Sex
Libido Crushers: 7 Symptoms of Being Too Stressed for Sex 

Stress causes major issues in relationships. Little idiosyncrasies that were never an issue before become battle-worthy. Arguments and fights become blown out of proportion, and relationships suffer as a result of the stress. To make matters even worse, stress is the leading cause of a decrease of sex in relationships. As the saying goes, “When the stress does show, the sex does go,” and without sex, a relationship can plummet even further into the pits of despair.

Stress causes the body to produce certain chemicals, such as cortisol, which wreaks havoc on the body. Too much cortisol can cause immune, gastrointestinal and neurological issues.

StressTherefore, stress is literally a pain for your body. It becomes physically a chore to have sex when you are stressed. But sometimes we shirk the symptoms and assume they are normal and will go away.

It is no wonder that sex is non-existent when one or both partners are dealing with depression and anxiety. So, sometimes we allow ourselves to say, “Not tonight,” or “Maybe later.” However, pushing off sex eventually adds up to trouble.

Do you think you may fall into this category? Are you and your partner wondering why you are not having sex? Would you like to know if stress is the culprit? Well, rest easy, friends. We have some helpful answers for you.

Read on to learn about the seven symptoms of being entirely too stressed for sex.

1. A Rumble in Your Belly

The first sign that you are mentally unfit for sex is if you are having some gastrointestinal issues.

We are talking any kind of gastrointestinal issue here: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and who knows what else. Any stomach issue you have is likely to be the cause of stress.

This GI nightmare occurs because our nervous system is linked to our stomachs.

Any mental stress can turn our intestines into a battlefield, so you should monitor your stress levels if you find that you are having some difficulty in the bathroom.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

ExercisingSo, it sounds completely insane, but the best way to improve your GI functioning is by exercising. We know how it sounds. The last thing you want to do after dealing with running to the bathroom is to go for a run, but trust us on this one. Doctors claim that exercise helps to boost endorphins and ultimately make the stomach feel great.

Once you exercise, you will also be relieving stress. What better way to kick the immediate symptoms then to address the root cause? The type of exercise is completely up to you. If you are not the get up and go jogging type, then perhaps you can go swimming, hiking or even for a quick walk around the block. Even little changes, such as parking further away, so you have to walk that little extra into the store can make a world of difference.

2. It’s Not That You’re Pulling Your Hair Out

Hair lossHair loss is a noticeable symptom associated with stress. Doctors claim that anywhere from three to six months after a huge stressful event, your hair may fall out more frequently than is normal.

Typically, the average person loses around 100 strands of hair per day. So, if you notice that you have more hair on the hairbrush or in your vacuum, then start to pay attention to your stress levels.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

Diet does play a factor when it comes to your hair follicles, and an improved diet can help to rid your stress, too. Sensing a pattern here?

When we are anxious, it is easy to grab the take-out food menu or drive through the nearest fast food chain. However, junk food tends to turn our hair into junk. Instead, ensure that you are eating enough vegetables and fruits. There is no super food or magic pill that will help you grow your hair back. But, a well-balanced, healthy diet certainly will.

You will also feel pretty sexy once you start to eat better. Drinking enough water and eating a balanced, healthy diet helps to keep our bodies running effectively. You are sure to get your sexy on again once you start to feel your best.

3. Is There Something in Your Eye?

EyeEyelid twitching is a major indication that you are entirely too stressed out. Eye twitches consist of muscle spasms around one eye, and they can last up to several minutes.

While doctors aren’t sure why the eyes twitch when the body is tense, they are certain that this symptom is one of an overly stressed out individual.

When you notice that you have an eye twitch, try your best to close both of your eye, yes, even the one that is not twitching. Relax and take deep breaths. Place a fingertip on the eyelid that is twitching with mild pressure, and count your breathing.

Take a deep breath in and hold it for four seconds, then breathe out for six seconds. Continue to work your way up with the amount you hold your breath, and you will notice that your twitch ends eventually.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

massageArguably, eye twitches are not the sexiest thing in the world, unless your partner is into that sort of thing and all. Help to both set the mood and relax a little bit by preparing the ambiance. Even if you are not aiming to have sex, you can certainly benefit from some relaxation.

If planning a spa day or a couple’s massage is not in your future, then bring the ambiance home with some dim lighting, relaxing music, and comfortable seating. Invite your partner and enjoy the time together.

Attempting to alleviate your stress is imperative if you do not want any other issues to flare up, especially dermatological issues, such as this next one.

4. It’s Like You’re In High School All Over Again

If you find that you are having some breakouts and this is not typical of your skin, then your stress may be to blame. Stress may cause acne. Similarly to the hair issue, the body’s skin is sensitive.

When we are tense, the body releases a chemical called androgen, and increased levels of androgens can cause breakouts.

Chronic acne and inflammation can lead to scarring of the skin. If you’re depressed, then your healing abilities are probably not up to par. Therefore, you will end up with a body full of pimple scars.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

No one feels sexy with a face full of zits. In order to pacify those pesky pimples and feel frisky again, try an antioxidant facial mask. You can make these masks at home for relatively cheap, and they are both effective and safe. Here is one of the possible recipes.

The easiest facial mask only requires some aspirin and water. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which helps to clean out pores and exfoliate the skin.

Aspirin is also an anti-inflammatory, so it will help to reduce any redness caused by the pimples. All you need to do is take five to six uncoated aspirin pills, and put them in the palm of your handle.

Slowly add water one drop at a time, and mix the pills around in the palm of your hand. Once you have a paste-like substance, rub it onto your face in a circular motion. You can add other ingredients such as organic honey or lemon juice. Just be careful to keep it away from your eyes.

You are sure to have firmer, less red skin that helps to make you feel sexy with this facial mask.

5. But Wait, There’s One More Skin Issue

So your hair is not falling out, and your pimples are properly controlled, but there is still one more skin issue that can indicate your stress levels are entirely too high. Stress can cause rashes. Mysterious rashes or a flare-up of a rash you have previously had are both indicators of stress. Stress causes our immune systems to crash, and therefore our skin’s defenses are helpless.

There are over-the-counter ointments and creams that can help to soothe and eliminate your rash. But, certainly you will not feel sexy with rashes all over your face.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

Sometimes all you need is more sleep. Decent, consistent, and sound sleep can work wonders for your body. Especially when you are low, your body may require more sleep than is normal.

You may think that your body is fine on those five hours, especially when you are fueled by coffee in the morning. But, the lack of sleep catches up to you and your body.

Ensure that you are sleeping an adequate seven to eight hours a night. Even if you have work to do and you are anxious about finishing it, you need the sleep in order to function effectively. Think about this. The work you stay up late to accomplish could be of higher quality if you would just rest a bit more.

6. You Physically Can’t Have Sex

Our last symptom of stress that is keeping you from having sex is back pain. No one is up to a romp session with back pain, surely. And, backaches are a common symptom of stress.

When our bodies are tense, our hormone production increases. This means that our fight-or-flight response hormones are amped up. Unless you are running from a cheetah, this is not good. The buildup of this type of hormone causes our bodies to tense up, and our muscles begin to ache. This is especially true for anyone who is hunched over a desk all day.

Our Stress-Busting Tip to Get You Feeling Sexy

Move around. If you find that you are stressed out at work, then step away for a minute and go for a brief walk. You should get up and move at least once every hour. If a walk is out of the question, then perform some stretches at your desk. Reach your arms over your head up towards the ceiling and stretch as much as possible, then work the opposite way towards your toes.

WalkA walk outside in the sun is ideal. There is nothing like some vitamin C to help you feel better.

There is nothing that lowers your sex drive faster than stress. Dealing with your career, your family and your personal life is a daunting task. You are literally managing every aspect of your life, which can be really tough on your sex life in due time.

Trying to meet deadlines while at the same time taking care of your family is both overwhelming and hectic. Even though multitasking works to your advantage, it can be damaging to your sex life. After spending a hectic day, indulging in a sack session is the last thing on many women’s minds.

Introducing some of the stress-busting tips into your lifestyle and making them part of your daily routines will make a huge difference in your sex life. Decreasing the tension in your life and learning to handle stress better will give you a contented attitude, more liveliness and definitely a better sex drive.


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