mothsSometime in 1953, experts discovered that female moths secrete bombykol, a substance designed to attract male moths. They found out that this pheromone signal can travel in long distances even at low concentrations. Since then, experts are trying to find out the existence of pheromones among humans.

Up to this date, there is an ongoing debate as to whether human pheromones exist. For some, pheromones for women and men exist, and one of the most useful techniques you can use in the dating world.

Learn more about female pheromones and find out what they can do for you.

1. All About Pheromones: What You Need to Know

How much do you know about pheromones? Consequently, what can this substance do to help you with your sex drive?

The truth is, a lot.

A pheromone is a type of chemical that is capable of influencing the behavior of another within the same species. Often found and secreted by animals, pheromones can trigger the any of the following behaviors:

  • Establish mother-baby bondsSexual arousal
  • Alarm
  • For following a food trail
  • To respect territory
  • Establish mother-baby bonds
  • Tell other species to back off
  • Inform other female insects to lay their eggs somewhere else, known as epideictic pheromones

2. Humans and Pheromones: Finding Out the Connection Between the Two

What is this all aboutSince its discovery, experts became fascinated with the existence of pheromones among humans. One of the most notable studies in this department is the one conducted by Martha McClintock, popularly known as the “McClintock effect.”
What is this all about?

Researchers found out that when you are menstruating, you release a certain kind of chemical into the air. This stimulates the vomeronasal organ or VNO of people close to you, thereby tapping the hypothalamus. This could lead to hormonal changes and induce behavioral changes. This also explains why group of ladies living together often have synchronized menstrual cycles.

In line with this, read the succeeding sections to learn more about women’s pheromones.

3. Say Hello to What Female Pheromones Can Do For You and Your Sex Life

attraction and sexual desireDespite the ongoing debate on the existence of hormones, one thing is for sure: men and women will have it. Consequently, both types of pheromones are capable of releasing scents that could trigger attraction and sexual desire.

What about pheromones for women?

Pheromones are invisible and undetectable, yet there are certain components in the human body that could detect it. Once an adult male detected and inhaled your scent, this could trigger either a positive or negative response.

The bottom line is your scent can lead to attraction or making you look irresistible. On the other hand, there is still a possibility that the results may not be favorable. That is why it is important to use pheromones wisely to make sure you can get the most out of this and eventually boost your sex life, which leads to the next fact.

4. Females and Pheromones: The Benefits of Using Pheromones for a Boost in the Sex Department

You know that pheromones are odorless, invisible, and undetectable. Why bother using it when you are not even sure that it exists?

The answer is simple: pheromones come with many benefits, especially in the world of sexual attraction. When used properly, it could yield to the following benefits:

  • receive more smiles and eye contactAn instant boost in your sex appeal.
  • Men will start to pay more attention to you than any other woman.
  • You start to receive more smiles and eye contact from the opposite sex.
  • Boosts your chances of scoring a date.
  • Men will start to feel more comfortable and relaxed with you around and not as a background.
  • Increase in men-initiated conversations.
  • Higher chances of developing chemistry with men.

The bottom line is if you want to boost your sexual attractiveness and likeability compared to other women, and then consider pheromones as part of your daily routine. You will never know what will happen until you try.

5. Understanding the Role of Pheromones and Their Connection to Sexual Attraction

Up to this day, the question remains unanswered: do humans have pheromones? For purposes of information, let’s say that humans do have pheromones – what happens next?

ScientistsScientists from Huddinge University Hospital in Sweden were able to detect the effect of pheromones in humans. Using a positron emission tomography or PET, they found out that estrogen compound increases the blood flow in the hypothalamus for men. At the same time, the release of testosterone-related compound heightens blood flow in women.

In other words, regardless of which side you belong, humans have pheromones that could induce sexual attraction. It could produce changes in your mood, breathing, heart rate, and body temperature, both positive and negative.

Still, don’t be too complacent. Pheromones are just one factor that could boost your sexual attractiveness. You still need to work on something else, which you will learn more about in the succeeding sections.

Here’s the next challenge: what type of pheromones should you activate in order to get a favorable response from the opposite sex? The next sections will tell you more about it.

6. Copulin: The Most Powerful Female Pheromones You Should Utilize

There are numerous types of pheromones that elicit a particular response. In women’s case, there is one particular type of pheromone that deserves the spotlight. It is called copulin.

Copulin is, by far, the most powerful female pheromone discovered. In fact, it is capable of eliciting a positive response and scores a higher success rate in men.

More About Pheromones: What is Copulin and Why Should You Care?

Copulin is a type of pheromone that is naturally released by your body and at its strongest during your fertile stage. When inhaled, men will find you more desirable, exciting, and seductive. At the same time, this pheromone is capable of blocking a man’s ability to judge a woman’s attractiveness level based on physical appearance and the sound of your voice.

KissingThat’s not all. Copulin could also control not just his sexual behavior but also a man’s dominant and submissive behavior. A study conducted by researchers from San Francisco State University revealed that adding pheromone scents can significantly increase sexual attention from men. This increase can be seen on the following socio-sexual behaviors:

  • Kissing
  • Heavy petting and affection
  • Frequency of dates
  • Sleeping closer to their partner
  • Sexual intercourse

What’s the bottom line? If you want an increase in sexual attraction from men, make sure you spray on copulins and everything else will follow.

7. Estratetraenol: Other Pheromones for Women That May Induce Positive Sexual Behavior

This type of female pheromone is the equivalent of androstadienone in men. Just like the other pheromones, this type of airborne molecule stimulates the vomeronasal organ of the opposite sex to positively affect a man’s mood and attention.

Here’s what makes this type of pheromone extra special: it helps soften the mood of people around you. As a result, it creates a friendlier and more feminine aura, which is not that bad. Consequently, it triggers arousal in men’s protective feelings, thereby encouraging them to cuddle with you.

You can combine estratetraenol with copulin for better and more powerful effect on men.

8. The Cuddle Hormone: How Oxytocin could Work to Your Advantage

CuddleDo you always feel the need to cuddle after sex? This is because your body releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the “trust” or “love” hormone.

What does it have to do with your sex drive?

Your brain produces oxytocin, a type of hormone that helps maintain healthy social relationships within the same species. It boosts trust and bond, increases social bonding among the same species, triggers romantic attachment, and acts as a neurotransmitter in human brain.

In other words, if you want to boost the feelings of trust, love, and romantic attachment, make sure your cologne has oxytocin in it.

9. Androstenol: Completing the Formula for Female Pheromones

sweatWho would’ve thought that sweat can be appealing? It turns out that your sweaty gym look can help you seal the deal in men.

It’s all because of androstenol.

Androstenol is a type of pheromone released by your body when you sweat. It is not the most appealing idea, but your sweat can elicit positive and sexual response on men in the most unconscious way possible.

Does this mean you should sport the sweaty look all the time? Of course not. An after-gym look can be sexy and appealing, but hygiene still matters – a lot. Walking around the gym with sweat dripping from your shirt or a not-so-good smell is not the best way to impress a guy.

If you are not comfortable taking a shower in public, then at least change your clothes.

Aside from pheromones, did you know that there are certain scents that could drive men wild? Read the next section to find out what these scents are – and use them to your advantage.

10. Put a Spell on Alpha Males with these Scents and Fragrances

You think it’s all about making you smell good. After all, who would want to date a woman who looks like she is scared of the water? You may not notice it, but how you smell is also crucial in sealing the deal when it comes to men.

Thankfully, the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation has released a list of scents that attract men most. These are the following:

  • chocolateChocolate – A symbol of lust and sensuality, this known aphrodisiac could make men go wild and in the mood.
  • Pumpkin Pie – This staple Thanksgiving dish, especially when combined with lavender, could help increase sexual arousal in men. This is because the pumpkin pie itself and the cinnamon mixed in it contains aphrodisiac properties that will surely get a guy in the mood.
  • Lavender – A symbol of arousal, this scent helps stimulate passion among couples.
  • Vanilla – This natural aphrodisiac is capable of producing euphoric effect to trigger sensual mood among men.
  • Jasmine – When combined with rose scent, jasmine can entice men and get them in the mood every time you are around and wearing this scent.
  • Doughnut and Black Licorice – As weird as it sounds, this combination could increase arousal in men by 30 percent.
  • Ylang-Ylang – This is another scent that increases passion among lovers. Make sure you have this on hand during lovemaking.

Speaking of lovemaking, it is important that you are prepared for every sexual situation to make sure that you can make the most out of your experience. This is where Provestra can be of great help. It is a doctor-endorsed daily supplement that helps increase your desire for sex, intensify your sexual sensations, increase vaginal lubrication, and brings pleasurable orgasms back in the bedroom.

11. How to Use Scent Pheromones for Women – and Make the Most Out of Them

You know what pheromones are, what they can do for you, the different types of female pheromones, and even the scents that could drive men wild. What happens after this?

You need to make sure that you are able to use pheromone scents to your advantage. Apparently, using pheromones is more than just spraying. Check out the tips below on how to use pheromone scents properly:

  • Explore your options. Find out what works best for you. Pheromone products come in different forms such as perfume, spray, cologne or concentrates.
  • optionsTake time to read the label. Make sure that you will use the correct type of pheromones. This way, you will be able to achieve your desired effect and make pheromones work for you.
  • Go for pheromones that will enhance more than your sex appeal. Some can also increase your friendliness, attractiveness, and approachability.
  • To make it more effective, apply pheromones on pulse points. These are your neck, chest, wrist, and the area behind your ears.
  • Re-apply pheromone scents after four to six hours. This way, you are assured that the magic of pheromones will still be effective.

It is important that you look friendly and approachable to get a guy’s attention. There is no assurance that the pheromones can travel long distances, so to be safe, you need the man to get near you to make the pheromones work.

12. Prevent Pheromone Buildup with These Tips and Techniques to Remember

It’s not enough that you know how to use pheromone scents in a manner that will surely attract men. Unfortunately, there is a circumstance called pheromone buildup and the effects are not good.

Pheromone Buildup in a Nutshell

TipsPheromone buildup happens when initially, you had good reactions from the opposite sex then eventually, there is a significant drop in the effectiveness level. This is also characterized by minimal results despite heavy application or better reactions on days when you don’t apply pheromone scents.

Regardless of the situations enumerated, you surely don’t want to be trapped with pheromone buildup. Here are tips on how you can prevent this condition from happening:

  • Wash pulse or application points thoroughly.
  • Do not apply or directly spray a pheromone product on your skin.
  • Apply pheromone products in your clothes.

These are just simple but effective techniques that could help prevent pheromone buildup to enable you to make the most out of pheromones.

13. Going Au Natural: How to Boost Your Pheromone Levels Naturally

There are pheromone sprays and colognes that aims to boost these chemicals for more favorable results in the dating world. Did you know that your body also releases pheromones naturally? The amount varies due to the existence of many factors that could affect the production of pheromones. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: you have it and your body produces it.

Thankfully, there are many ways on how to increase your pheromone levels. Check out these simple but effective techniques to naturally boost your pheromones:

  • Exercise regularlyExercise regularly. Sweating is among the common ways of releasing pheromones and you can do this by exercising regularly and engaging in physical activities.
  • Go for soap-less and warm water baths. The scent from soaps could strip off your body’s natural pheromones, which could also affect your body’s natural production.
  • Take Zinc supplements. Zinc boosts testosterone production, which in return, increases your body’s pheromone production.
  • Add DHEA in your daily routine. DHEA stands for dehydroepiandrosterone, a precursor to sexual hormones production. This is also crucial in boosting your pheromone levels.

If you want a surefire boost in your pheromones, make sure you add these tips in your daily routines. This will increase your sexual attractiveness too, since you look more natural.

If you prefer using pheromone products, then that’s fine. Read the next tip to make sure you will get the right products for you and your needs.

14. Tips in Buying the Right Pheromone Products for You

There are numerous pheromone products sold in the market. The challenge now is finding the best product that will suit your needs without compromising your health and what you are aiming for.

Below are simple but effective tips to remember when buying pheromone products:

  • Read customer reviews before buyingRead customer reviews before buying anything. This will give you an idea on the products that work based on real, actual experiences.
  • Always take time to read labels. The label will give you an overview about a particular product, especially the ingredients.
  • Don’t be fooled by the advertisements and catchy lines. There is no such thing as instant pheromones and it will take time before you see the effects.
  • Choose a product with money back guarantee. This way, you are sure that you can get your money back in case a particular product didn’t work or failed to meet your expectations.
  • Look for a trusted brand. Your choice of pheromone products must be manufactured by reputable companies.

You will never know if a product will work unless you try. Nonetheless, take note of these tips to minimize the possibility of wasting money for a product that doesn’t work for you.

If you are unsure of what to buy, then the next section is for you.

16. List of Female Pheromone Products Worth Trying

Are you confused and unsure of what pheromone product to buy? Here are some of the best female pheromones available in the market:

  • product to buyMax Attraction Silk for Women – It contains seven optimized and potent pheromones to help boost your sexual attractiveness. It is also formulated with silicone oil, which provides more superior effects.
  • Primal Instinct for Women – If you are looking for a female pheromone product that is packed with copulin, then this one is for you. Apparently, this product is unscented, which means you have the tendency to splash the entire bottle on yourself. Two to three drops is enough then add more if you don’t see positive effects.
  • Human Euphoria Perfume – This product lifts your mood, including the people around you, in a positive way. At the same time, it makes you feel more confident wile rubbing positively on other people.
  • Scent of Eros – This is useful if you are aiming for positive reaction during social gatherings.

Despite the ongoing debate on the existence of pheromones on humans, one thing is for sure: humans are capable of emitting scents that could boost your sexual attractiveness and eventually, play a role in your sex lives. Whether or not you are a believer, it won’t hurt if you take note of these 15 facts about pheromones for women – and make the most out of them.


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