constipationHas this ever happened to you? You’re having a hard time letting go inside the bathroom. When you finally do, you noticed that your stools are hard, dry, and smaller than usual.

You must be constipated.

Don’t panic. There are 42 million Americans who suffer from constipation, making it the most common gastrointestinal problem in America.

The good news is, there are quick constipation remedies available for immediate constipation relief.

Check out these tips and techniques to relieve constipation fast:

1. Drink Water: A Simple but Effective Remedy in Treating Constipation

Do you want to know the simplest yet most effective way to treat constipation? It’s not over-the-counter laxatives or eating lots of fiber, although this could help. Nonetheless, the simplest and most effective way for instant constipation relief is by drinking water.

Water is an essential tool in digestion because it makes it easier for food to go through your intestines. Water also keeps your intestines smooth and flexible for easier absorption and digestion of food.

You can always go for the plain old water and other sources, such as clear soups, water-rich fruits and herbal teas. If you want something more effective, then try adding lemon to your glass of water.

Lemon contains citric acid that effectively stimulates your digestive system. It also effectively flushes the toxins from your body, thereby making it easier and comfortable to release bowels. All you have to do is to squeeze the juice from one lemon and drink it first thing in the morning and anytime of the day. This will surely remedy constipation.

2. Acupressure: A Surprising Remedy for Fast Constipation Relief

Sometimes, you need to focus on pressure points to help you poop easily. This quick relief is called acupressure and the results are effective. Believe it or not, acupressure helps relax your abdomen to promote regular bowel movements, sans discomfort or pain in the area. This also provides relief against other constipation symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, and gas.

Here are acupressure points for fast constipation relief:

  • Conception Vessel 6 – This is also known as the CV6 and often referred to as the “Sea of Qi.” It is located three finger widths below your belly button that effectively stimulates bowel movement. Press the area not more than one inch for maximum of 30 seconds. Make sure to maintain normal breathing during the process.
  • Conception Vessel 12 – This is popularly known as CV12 that also provides constipation relief. This pressure point is also called the “Center of Power” that is found on the midline of your body, just between the base of your breastbone and belly button. Press this area on an almost empty stomach but should not be more than two minutes.
  • Stomach 36 – St36 is another crucial point that provides relief against intestinal and stomach disorders. This pressure point is found four finger-widths underneath your kneecap and one finger-width toward the outside of your shinbone. Use your palms to run the area for one minute to soothe constipation.

3. Fiber: One of the Best Quick Constipation Remedies You Shouldn’t Miss

Aside from water, fiber will always make it on the list of quick home remedy for constipation.

Whole grainsFiber, which you can find in most plant foods, is a natural laxative that increases water content of your stool. This makes it easier for bowels to move smoothly and quickly through your colon and prevent constipation. All you need is to take 25 to 30 grams per day and you can reduce the possibility of constipation.

Take note because there are two types of fiber. These are:

  • Soluble – This type of fiber slows down digestion and makes you feel fuller longer. Soluble fiber includes dried beans, oats, potatoes, citrus fruits, oat bran and barley.
  • Insoluble – If you want to add bulk to your stool and make them pass quickly, then this type of fiber should be on your list. Whole grains, seeds, wheat bran and the skins of fruits and vegetables are best sources of this type of fiber.

The best part is fiber-rich foods are easy to incorporate in your diet. Make sure to start your day with fiber and you can kiss constipation goodbye.

4. Find Instant Constipation Relief with the Help of Castor Oil

Surprised? Don’t be. It turns out that castor oil, which comes from castor bean, is one of the best quick constipation remedies available and has been used as a laxative for centuries.

You might ask why.

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, a type of fatty acid that binds to the smooth receptors of your intestinal walls’ smooth muscles.

Once the acid binds to these receptors, it triggers your intestinal muscles to contract and makes it easier for you to push your stool out.

Castor oil is also among the best chronic constipation remedies especially among elders based on the study published in the Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice.

Take one to two teaspoons of castor oil on an empty stomach and you will start feeling the urge within eight hours.

5. Take Magnesium Citrate for Immediate Constipation Relief

Have you tried magnesium citrate for constipation? If not, then now is the right time to consider it and here’s why.

Magnesium citrateMagnesium citrate is a type of osmotic laxative. This means it pulls water into your intestines and helps relax your bowels. The water drawn into your intestines could soften and bulk up your stools, thereby making it easier to eliminate from your body.

You can get magnesium citrate over-the-counter and doesn’t need any prescription. Just take it easy on your intake since too much could cause issues too such as diarrhea, stomach pain, blood in your stools, or even metabolic issues.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading to find out the other cures for constipation, so make sure you stick around until the end.

6. Mineral Oil: One of Quick Constipation Remedies Worth Trying For

Constipation can be an uncomfortable condition. If you need extra boost inside the bathroom, here’s what helps: mineral oil.

For many years, mineral oil is used as a laxative because of its ability to coat your stools and the inside of the bowels with moisture.

This means taking mineral oil prevents your stools from drying.

Mineral oil is available in drugstores in oral, liquid, and enema form. It will work after about eight hours, which is why it is best to take it right before your bedtime.

Also, don’t take it with your meals to avoid interference in the absorption of nutrients.

Warning: In case you are pregnant, mineral oil is not recommended. Nonetheless, you can try this next tip.

7. You Can Never Go Wrong with Prunes to Treat Constipation

Whether you eat or drink them, prunes will always be an effective remedy if you are constipated. According to a study, dried plums and its derivatives such as prune juice prevents constipation and even colon cancer.

What’s with prunes, anyway?

It all boils down to sorbitol. It is a crucial component that helps reduce the symptoms of constipation. At the same time, prunes are rich in fiber, making it an effective go-to remedy in case pooping is becoming an issue.

If you are not particularly fond of munching on prunes, then prune juice can be your best option. Take note that the sorbitol content is lower in prune juices, but this still assures you that constipation won’t pay a visit, especially if you drink it constantly.

8. Garlic: A Wonder Herb that Stimulates Regular Bowel Movement

You know that garlic is among the staple kitchen ingredients every household can’t live without. Did you know that aside from adding flavor and aroma to your meals, garlic is one of ingredients that could help you when you are having problems inside the bathroom?

GarlicGarlic is easy to add in your daily routine. In fact, every dish will never be complete without garlic. In case you want to make the most out of this ingredient, try the brand called Kyolic.

Kyolic is a capsule that went through a special garlic formulation wherein garlic was aged for 20 months inside stainless steel tanks. Through this process, the odor from garlic is eliminated and certain chemicals found in garlic such as S-allyl-cysteine were enhanced. This makes garlic more powerful and more capable of fighting diseases while cleansing, soothing, and reducing inflammation in your gastrointestinal tract.

Kyolic is available in capsule or liquid form, although capsules are recommended if you want to avoid side effects. Take two tablets one to two times a day for mild constipation, two tablets three times a day for moderate cases, and two tablets five times a day for severe constipation.

9. Relieve Constipation Fast and Easy with Molasses

Have you tried molasses for your medication against constipation? If not, then now is the right time to do it.

Molasses, especially blackstrap molasses were concentrated and boiled three times to crystallize sugar. Nonetheless, vitamins and minerals were kept intact, particularly magnesium, an effective ingredient against constipation. Magnesium also helps pass stools easier; hence an effective way to treat constipation.

A teaspoon of blackstrap molasses every morning is enough for immediate constipation relief. If you can’t stand the taste, mix it with warm water or tea. Wait for four hours to allow the components of molasses to kick in. If pooping is still not possible, gradually increase your intake up to a maximum of two tablespoons.

Keep in mind that too much of anything, no matter how good it is, can cause unwanted effects. Take it easy on your intake.

10. Probiotics: Your Stomach’s Best Friend Against Constipation

There are many good things written about probiotics. In fact, it is among the best ingredients you can feed your body, especially your gut to keep it healthy. When it comes to the best remedy for constipation, probiotics can also be your best friend.

You might ask how.

According to a study conducted by experts from King’s College in London, probiotics, particularly the bifidobacterium strain, slows gut transit time by 12.4 hours, increases the frequency of your bowel movements every week, and softens your stools to make them easier to eliminate from your body.

Nevertheless, the researchers acknowledged the fact that there are limitations in their study. It is still unclear what specific type of probiotic strain works best against constipation. While further studies are being conducted, it won’t hurt if you add probiotics in your daily diet. You can get your supply from yogurt and other fermented products.

Still can’t find the perfect remedy for constipation? Don’t worry. There are more techniques waiting for you, so make sure you read until the end.

11. Get Immediate Constipation Relief with Breathe-Easy Exercises

You will find tons of tools, medications, and techniques in the list of quick constipation remedies. Did you know that a simple breathing exercise can also help you address this digestive condition?

You read that right. Russian doctors recommend this practice on their constipated patients, including children and pregnant women because it is fast, safe, and natural.

How does breathing affect your bowel movements?

breathingHeavy or fast breathing could mean low body oxygen content. This leads to reduction of both carbon dioxide in your lungs and oxygen in all your body cells. Low supply of carbon dioxide and oxygen in your body could lead to muscular spasm even in your intestines; hence constipation.

You can change this by changing your breathing. Here’s how to do it:

  • Do the breathing exercise while sitting on the toilet.
  • Inhale normally then exhale.
  • After you exhale, pinch your nose for 30 seconds to one minute and hold your breath. Make sure to avoid breathing through your mouth.
  • Inhale again, but make sure to breathe less air this time. This means smaller inhalations and don’t forget to use your diaphragm as you inhale.

Who would’ve thought that simple breathing exercises can do so much against constipation?

12. Laxatives: One of Your Stomach’s Soldiers Fighting Constipation

If water and fiber are among your stomach’s first line of defense, laxatives are your soldiers that will surely provide enough back up when things aren’t good in your digestive system.

Laxatives are medicines that initiate peristaltic action throughout your gastrointestinal tract and trigger bowel movement. There are different types of laxatives, which includes:

  • Stool-Softening – Also known as emollients, this type of laxative brings water in to soften stools and makes them easier to discard.
  • Bulk-Creating – This is the safest laxative available, which you can use for longer periods. It contains fiber-like ingredients to stimulate your colon and make stool materials heavier to induce bowel movements.
  • GlycerinStimulant – This type of laxative promotes muscle movement in your intestine to make the materials easier to move through your gut. Although effective, most doctors won’t recommend this type of laxative since you can develop dependence and could permanently damage the muscles your body needs for intestinal movements.
  • Lubricant – This laxative coats your intestinal walls and fecal materials to let the stools pass easily through your digestive tract. Glycerin and mineral oil are the most popular type of this laxative.
  • Osmotic or Saline – These types of laxatives rely on the principle that water should be drawn into your digestive tracts to induce pooping. Unfortunately, this is not recommended if you have weak or compromised kidneys.
  • Herbal – This type of laxative uses combination of herbs to trigger bowel movements and provide quick relief against constipation.

You have to take it easy. Despite its effectiveness in the digestion department, too much laxatives might lead to diarrhea and other unwanted side effects. If you are looking for a safe and effective relief against constipation, try Digestive Science IBS Relief System. It is formulated and guaranteed to address digestive conditions including constipation and irregular bowel movements.

You may also want to try this next quick home remedy for constipation.

13. Flaxseed Oil: A Constipation Remedy Dating Back to Ancient Civilization

flaxseedDespite the lack of technology, you can’t help but be amazed with how ancient civilization survived. What’s more amazing is that how their discoveries thousands of years ago are still applicable up to this day.

Take the case of flaxseed oil.

Ancient Egyptians included flaxseed in their daily routine because it is high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. The oil variant may be stripped off its fiber content, but the oil is an effective intestinal lubricant to address constipation.

Start your day with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil. Mix it with yogurt, salads or smoothies for easier intake and consumption. If you are still having a hard time letting go afterwards, take a tablespoon twice a day. You can increase your dosage in case there are no favorable results after every four days. Once your bowel movements are back to normal, reduce your intake to one tablespoon per day.

14. Yoga: One of Quick Constipation Remedies You Need to Include in Your Routine

Food ingredients will always be helpful in treating constipation. Apparently, exercise could also help make things easier in your digestive system.

By exercise, this also means yoga.

yogaHow does yoga help against constipation? There are two ways:

  • Certain yoga poses that involves twisting, forward folds, and inversions massage your digestive organ, facilitates peristalsis, encourage better oxygen delivery, and makes it easier for stools to move in your digestive system.
  • Yoga manages your stress response, thereby improving your digestive system’s functioning.

Check out some of the best yoga positions against constipation:

  • Matsyasana Twist – While in a seated position, bend your left leg then put your left food over your right knee. Bend your right knee with your foot tucked near your butt. Twist your body to the left and look over your left shoulder with your right elbow behind your left knee. Hold this for five seconds then do the same for the other side. This stimulates your digestive organs and helps in detoxification.
  • Supine Twist – This gentle twist is among the effective ways to increase blood flow in your gut, move food easily, and minimize constipation. To do this, lie on your back and bring both your legs close to your chest. Extend the right leg then twist your left leg across your body and look towards your left. Make sure to keep your shoulders firmly planted on the floor. Hold for a few seconds then switch sides.

15. Say Yes to Healthy Fats to Lubricate Your Intestines

avocadoHere’s the truth: what you eat greatly affects your digestion. The healthier you eat, the better your digestion will be. This means adding healthy fats in your diet.

Healthy fats from walnuts, avocado, and olive oil are also rich in fiber that could contribute to instant constipation relief. This means it will be easier for food to move through your intestines and prevent constipation from taking over your gut.

The best part is healthy fats are easy to incorporate in your diet. You can eat them as is, mix in salads, sprinkle in your favorite dishes, and the list goes on. They are readily available too, since most supermarkets carry products with healthy fats.

Why let yourself suffer when you can do something about it? If you are looking for quick constipation remedies, then these 15 strategies will surely help. Take your pick and say hello to healthier and lighter stomach in no time.


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