Health and Wellness How to Stamp Out Self-Doubt in 10 Simple Steps   
How to Stamp Out Self-Doubt in 10 Simple Steps   

Has your confidence been shattered? Is this a large hurdle in your life? Is your mind always so cluttered with confused thoughts, you avoid taking action at the right time? If the answer is yes, then allow us to tell you how you are unfortunately a victim of self-doubt.

Self-doubt is something we all have experienced in our lives. It’s completely normal to feel a lack of confidence in our decisions and capabilities every now and then. However, the problem occurs when feelings of negativity permeate through every aspect of your life.

This further prevents you from living life independently and taking chances. Actually, self-doubt includes a series of negative thoughts or blockades, which serve to stop you from attaining your goals.

Even though self-doubt is an issue that many people deal with, you can be easily control it. All you need is patience, determination, persistence and the knowledge of some easy ways for you to boost your self-confidence. So, how do you confiscate your negative thoughts? Go through these simple tips.

1. It Starts With You

Negative feelingsThe only one who can stop you from succeeding in life is yourself. Yes, you heard that right. If you don’t believe in your capabilities, there’s no way you can achieve success in your life.

Remember, beating negative feelings and self-doubts begins with you. You must believe in your skills and competencies in spite of what others think about you.

Sometimes, it’s the atmosphere in which a child grows up in that plays an important role in carving their personality and their destiny. Perhaps someone fed negative messages into your mind when you were a child.

Most probably, your parents unknowingly compared you to your peers or siblings, which ultimately gave you the impression that you are unimpressive. Regardless of the negativity in your life, remember that the authority to change yourself lies within you.

If you have a dream to succeed, you must start taking the appropriate steps in order to believe you are a significant person with the motivation and skills to accomplish great things. It’s easier than you may think.

2. Talk to Yourself, But With Positivity

Talk to YourselfWhat if we told you that it requires the same amount of energy to speak highly of yourself as it does negatively?

It’s true. So, the sensible thing is to choose talking positively about yourself, right? Feeding your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts about yourself brings about more optimistic sunshine in your life.

If you are wondering how to do it, one popular way is using positive affirmation. It’s a great way to reprogram your sub-conscious mind from converting negative thinking to positive. As easy as it may sound, it’s a daunting task practicing positive affirmation; but, with regular repetition you can overcome every task.

Now, let’s start with an example of how to do it. If you are applying for a new job, say words like, “I am capable and I’ll get the job.” In the beginning you may not feel positive, but with practice you will start to actually feel better about yourself.

Other effective ways to sweep away negative thoughts and replace them by positive ones include surrounding yourself with positive and successful people, and reading an inspirational book.

3. Compliment Yourself and Say It Aloud

Yes, you may feel a bit silly doing this. However, it works wonders if you do it regularly. When looking to overcome feelings of self-doubt, try complimenting yourself every now and then.

Find good in yourself. Don’t allow yourself to worry, as there ought to be something good about yourself. If there are things that make you doubt yourself, there are also good things, too. Prepare a list of qualities you have. It doesn’t matter if you are a painter or cook, recognize what makes you special. Learn to compliment yourself for your good attributes every day.

For instance, when you get ready for an outing, look into the mirror with an air of supremacy and say to yourself, “I look stunning today.” It really doesn’t matter what adjective you choose, the purpose is that you praise yourself. We are our toughest critics, and when the compliment comes from us, it really makes an impact.

4. It’s Time to Change Your Timeworn Thought Process

We may brush away our thoughts most of the time, but what we think eventually becomes the controller of our lives.

PositivityIf we put more energy into our negative feelings, fear and self-doubts, we will only have negative surroundings, poor results and deleterious relationships. However, if we channel our energy and thoughts to brighter prospects, we will surely have a positive life and constructive outcomes.

You need to understand that negative thoughts and blockages are destructive, because that repeat in them your mind over and over again. Eventually you start to believe them, no matter how untrue they are. Eventually you start to become the victim of self-doubt. So, what should you do to eradicate such feelings from your mind? You simply need to change your thoughts.

Let’s tell you how. If you want to earn extra money in your spare time, apart from your busy job schedule, tell yourself repeatedly that numerous people are earning good money each month by doing online business. This thought will definitely encourage you take some time to invest in your home business.

The logic is simple. When you fill your mind with positivity instead of resistance, your life gives you a chance to emerge and fulfill your plans. You start to listen, repeat and believe those positive thoughts and a new, healthy thought cycle emerges.

5. You, Not Your Feelings, Are the Ruler of Your Life

Independent decisionsWe all are born alike and the almighty has given us the power to make our own decisions without any control from the outside world. However, when we doubt our capabilities, we make our decision based on other people’s assumptions.

Self-doubt is just a thought that resides in our mind and of course with our permission. It dominates you and your life only when you allow it to do so. So, engrave in your mind that you have the potency to eradicate this horrible feeling of self-doubt and ultimately make your independent decisions with confidence and ease.

It’s true that deep-rooted feelings are very strong and hard to efface. However, in order to be able to enjoy the freedom you are entitled to, you need to realize your feelings of doubt and then beat them. Otherwise, such feelings will continue to rule your life and hold you in tyranny. Remember, you are your own boss, not your feelings.

6. Don’t Run Away From Your Feelings

PonderPeople dealing with issues of self-doubt often try hiding in the dark. They consider themselves abnormal. They are scared to confront their own feelings of self-doubt and negativity. Although it seems to be a safe option, running away from yourself will only make your life more miserable.

In order to overcome your scuffle with self-doubt, it is imperative that you acknowledge it first. So, take some time and ponder for a while. Think about why you doubt yourself by pinpointing when and why it started for you. What are the areas of your life that make you more vulnerable? If necessary, jot down your weaknesses on paper or in a journal.

Do this every time you feel helpless and demotivated. This process will help you identify what you fear the most. Perhaps you will get to know that you are afraid of speaking in public, or doubt your professional skills. Once you are aware of your problematic areas, you can begin dusting them away.

7. Shift Your Focus to the Brighter Side

ConcentrateWhat you concentrate on expands and penetrates all areas of your life. Hence, as you start doubting yourself, the negative feelings soak into your mind and lead to feelings, which stop you from reaching your goals. Self-doubt strengthens when you focus on your weak points.

You should keep in mind that even great personalities have their own weaknesses, but they have the capability to camouflage them with strengths, instead. They are smart enough to pour their energy into their assets, which in turn dwarf their faults. Recall, what we said: What you concentrate on expands your mood and overall self-perception.

Thus, if you shift your concentration on believing that you can attain your dreams, you will soon find your feelings following you right along. You will begin to believe that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

8. Remember Your Past Accomplishments and Celebrate the Present Ones

Celebrate your successesEven if you are not a well-known business tycoon, you certainly have experienced some sort of success in your life. Don’t feel dejected, even if your success was trivial.

This is because you may not realize, but there is power in that. Try contemplating your past and acknowledge your accomplishments. This will definitely boost your low-spirits and keep you motivated.

If after some moments of consideration, you are unable to think of anything worthwhile, concentrate on what you are doing at present. If nothing else, you should pat yourself on the back for trying your best to fight your issues of self-doubt. Although a tiny one, you have taken a step to kill your low-confidence. You need to believe that you are also a valuable individual.

Learn to nurture your smallest feats, so that they may build-up the foundation of your ideal life. Celebrate your successes, big and small. These celebrations will enthuse you to keep on going. Instead of surrendering to feelings of not being capable of doing anything worthwhile, cheer yourself up instead by focusing on the wins, not the fails.

Strengthen your positive attributes and make them your source of encouragement. As you raise your spirits, you will soon find yourself creating the habit of feeling confident about your personality and capabilities.

9. Yes, You Can Make Mistakes

You Can Make MistakesSelf-doubt arises when you are scared of attempting the task at hand. The fear of making mistakes and humiliating yourself in front of others prevents people from trying something new.

Bear in mind that humans are not perfect. Making mistakes is something that we all do. Don’t allow this feeling to creep into your mind and make you feel guilty; rather, let them become your mentors.

We can all learn from our mistakes, so don’t allow the anxiety of making one confine you in self-doubt. People who make mistakes are not failures; rather they are those who know how to live confidently. View them as a teachable moment in your life.

Move on in your life and try something innovative. You only grow into an experienced individual when you take risks. When you learn to overcome your fear and strive towards developing your strength, you will soon start having confidence in yourself.

10. Tête-À-Tête With Friends and Well-Wishers

Close friendsNever say that there is no one with whom you can strike up conversation. When you are dealing with self-doubt, you need friends and well-wishers to help you talk your way out of feelings of despair.

They help fill your mind with confidence. Your close friends, mentors, and even your cherished family members can be of much help. So, don’t hesitate to ask for their encouragement.

There are numerous other tips and tricks to get rid yourself of self-doubts. However, these basic steps will allow you to acquire the milestones you have always wanted. It’s important to note that pushing away feelings of self-doubt is a continuous process, especially if you easily succumb to feelings of negativity. Simply concentrate on working with your successes, and eliminate destructive thoughts every day.


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