Moods & Hormones Women and Moods: 7 Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down
Women and Moods: 7 Ways to Turn That Frown Upside Down

Turning that frown upside down is actually easier than you might think. Anyone, regardless of their predisposition, is likely to fall into a slump at one point or another. But, everyone has to find their way out somehow.

If you are looking to lift your spirits and get happy, follow us as we discuss seven different ways that you can make yourself feel better.

1. Hug it Out

HugHugs are scientifically proven to make us feel better. This action alone can help to lower blood pressure and boost memory. How does a simple hug do this? Hugging helps to release oxytocin into our bodies, and oxytocin works to reduce stress and anxiety.

Oxytocin also helps to stimulate the development, healing as well as social bonding.

Even the smallest touch from our loved ones makes the part of the brain dealing with anxiety and fear less active.

Studies also indicates that a touch full of care and love works to increase weight in preterm infants, increases attentiveness in children, improve body’s immunity and reduces pain. Make sure to hug your dear people every day. It’s good for your health.

Our Happiness Tip

PetsYou do not need to hug your significant other. If no one is nearby, then your pet can be just the hug you are looking for. Pets are actually another way to turn your frown upside down. The companionship of a furry friend makes for a happiness boost in more ways than one.

Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they make for great listeners, as well. Our four legged friends offer open ears without any input or judgment. Not to mention, they are always so happy to see us.

If you are single, and are looking ways to improve your mood, consider a nice pampering massage that will offer you all the health benefits of touch. What’s more?

Your muscles will be more relaxed, too.

If you are more of a human interaction-loving person, then this next one is for you.

2. See a Good Friend

FriendsStudies have shown that a person’s happiness is likely to increase by approximately eight percent if they spend time with friends. Companionship and partnership is something that all humans need, regardless of how recluse you think you are. Therefore, get by with a little help from your friends.

It does not exactly have to be an exclusive girls’ weekend to Vegas or something. Make a lunch date, go to the movies, or have someone over the house for an hour or two. You might not want to make plans or get out of bed if you are in a bad mood, but it is sure to cheer you up. Plus, getting all glammed and dressed up can definitely help, too.

Our Happiness Tip

Always stay in touch with your friends. It sounds silly, but too often we lose our friendships due to time and space. Ensure that your friends know that they mean a lot to you with frequent texts or calls.

Phone callNo, you do not need to talk for hours on end every night, but an occasional phone call or text message will do the trick.

Receiving a text or call is also a great way to feel special. You truly reap what you sow. So, make sure that you are a great friend. Your friends will in turn make sure to remind you when you need it most.

3. Work it Out

There is nothing like a great workout to get the endorphins flowing. Working out can especially prove to turn your frown upside down if it is an angry or frustrated frown. Use that negative energy in a positive way by taking out your frustrations on a punching bag or a large hill as you are running.

RunningIf you are not the workout type, then any exercise will help you lighten your mood. Even just a walk around the neighborhood can do wonders. Again, if you have a pet, take them for a walk. If not, the walk can still help to make you happier.

Not only will you feel better, but you will be healthier, too.

Our Happiness Tip

If you are having trouble working out, then purchasing cute outfits to sweat in can work wonders.

There are plenty of retailers selling affordable workout clothes at discounted rates, so take advantage and find a workout wardrobe that inspires you.

Leave your workout clothes, shoes and any exercise equipment somewhere where you will see it. This visual will act as a constant reminder that you truly want to go do something instead of sitting in bed watching Netflix and eating bon bons.

No one has ever felt worse after a workout. Unless they hurt themselves or something, so just be careful and then you are sure to turn that frown upside down after you get moving a bit.

4. Indulge a Little

Comfort foodSometimes we simply need to feel comforted. Comfort food is good for the soul, and while we may be conflicting with our eating healthy and working out advice, a little indulgence never hurt anyone.

In fact, indulging in some comfort food can work wonders for your mood. Even women on the strictest of diets allow themselves to have a cheat day. Do not feel guilty. Allow yourself to have some warm, filling food.

Scientists have proven that there is a direct correlation between food and emotions. While they can’t quite make sense of it yet, it is proven that eating food we like makes us happy. Just be sure to not over indulge, or else you may stoop back into your grumpy mood again.

Our Happiness Tip

BrownieUse the comfort food or treat as a reward for yourself. Extrinsic motivators seem petty and childish, but they are actually realistic and beneficial. Set a goal in mind of something you need to get done. But, that might be difficult given your grumpy mood. Now, tell yourself that once you accomplish that task, then you can have your snack.

For example, you are at work in your cubicle and you are trying desperately not to punch your coworker in the face. You make it the entire day, so you buy a brownie from the vending machine on your way out to your car. Problem solved, and brownies make everyone happy.

5. Rock Out With Your Moody Self

Similarly to food, music also drives our emotions. Unless of course you are a sappy love song addict, then upbeat music of any genre can really put you in a better mood.

MusicIt is actually a great idea to have a premade playlist of songs that you really enjoy, and that put you in a good mood, ready to go in case of moody emergencies.

There are inarguably those songs that everyone can listen to that just make you tap your toes and bust a move—ah hem, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” anyone?

Our Happiness Tip

Music can really make light of any stressful situation. So, make it a part of your daily routine. Your commute to work, for example, can cause a great deal of stress and start a day off on the wrong foot.

Find a radio station that you really enjoy, or create a playlist that gets you going in the morning. Pop on your headphones if you take the train, or blast your radio in your car. Starting the day off on a positive note will help to ensure that you can handle the frustrations with ease as they come your way throughout the day.

6. Laugh it Out

LaughComedy is a great way to help you feel better. There actually is proof in the pudding when it comes to the old saying that laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter releases any tension that you have, and it also produces endorphins. These endorphins help to boost your mood.

Not to mention, laughing can burn calories and boost heart health. Plus, if you laugh hard enough then maybe you can get a decent ab exercise in, too.

Our Happiness Tip

Stand-up comedy is hysterical. If you are lucky enough to have access to any comedy type of movie, then sit back and enjoy. You are sure to be laughing your blues away in no time at all.

7. Get it On

You might not be feeling your sexiest when you are in a bad mood, but angry sex can be great sex, too. Chances are that your partner already knows the type of mood you are in, so they may not want to argue with your requests.

SexSex provides plenty of mood boosting properties that make it borderline irrefutable for anyone trying to lighten their mood. Want us to name a few? Here we go.

  • Sex Boosts Your Immune System. It’s true. Does your partner want a grumpy and sick partner? We didn’t think so, so have sex.
  • Sex Boosts Your Libido. Surely your partner wants more sex in their lives, right? Right. Have sex.
  • Sex Lowers Blood Pressure. Your partner does not want you to have a heart attack, right? Right. Have sex.
  • Sex Is Exercise. You do not want to drive all the way to the gym to get your workout in while you are in this mood. So, this will be exercise for the both of you. Get it on.
  • Sex Alleviates Pain. This awful mood you are in has surely given you a headache. Your partner does not want you to have a headache, so have sex.

Certainly, you do not need many more benefits of having sex, so just do it. You both will be in a better mood if you do. Plus, if you have a wonderful partner than they may even use the opportunity to put you in a good mood with a little sexual healing.

Our Happiness Tip

Give loveMake sure you orgasm. No, seriously. Flood your body with oxytocin and find your way to happiness, one big O at a time. You are also sure to sleep well if you have an orgasm right before bed. After the bad mood you have been in all day, you can go to bed happy.

The essence of love and the spirit of giving strengthen happiness. Instead of expecting love from others, begin to give love.

We are sure you’ll receive abundance of happiness and love in return. Start to appreciate your life as a gift. Remember every breathe you are taking is a blessing.

Learn how to be happy every day. It can be super easy if you choose to be happy. If someone tries to rob you off your happiness or gives you a reason to get mad, remain calm. It is essentially your choice to get irritated or not. So, keep calm and think about being happy always.


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